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98 Cents Plus Discount Store Talks about SalesVu iPad POS System Extensive Capabilities

At the 98 Cents Plus Discount Store, you can get anything from beer and wine to home improvement goods to baby food. They describe their business as a convenience store mixed with a merchandise store. 98 Cents Plus also sells tobacco, products and lottery tickets. Additionally, they have a Western Union Service on location to transfer money.

98 Cents Plus discovered SalesVu’s POS system while looking into Square. They considered Square but Square did not have the ability to track inventory as SalesVu’s retail POS does. Prior to adopting the SalesVu iPad POS, they did not have the ability to track sales and inventory.

“We had to do everything manually,” said Nitya Patel, owner of 98 Cents Plus Discount Store.

98 Cents Plus did not need a mobile POS system but due to the rates, they could not resist.

“We picked SalesVu iPad POS because first of all it has very low rates for merchant service when compared to other merchant companies,” said Patel. “Also, it has a backend website where we can input inventory, track sales, change prices, etc. We love this feature.”

Patel’s favorite aspect of SalesVu is that they now use an iPad for the terminal and the customers love it.

“We had situations already where customers would come back with their kids just to show their kids how the system works,” said Patel. “They love it!”

Also, it is much easier for them to track inventory now.

“We used to have to remember each and every item and its price so that we could ring it up,” said Patel. “Now, we just scan the items and we do not need to worry about charging the wrong price to a customer. This also helps us to save money in the long run.”

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