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Mobile Payments: SalesVu iPad POS System at Brian’s Brew

Watch Why Brian’s Brew Chose SalesVu

Hey this is Brian from Brian’s Brew. I recently switched from another system to SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS. SalesVu is the best point of sale and mobile payment solution I’ve ever seen. SalesVu’s card reader is more stable and more secure than other systems. Their rates are better. With other systems, if I enter the card manually, because of an account that I have on file or a scratched card, they want to charge 3.5%. With SalesVu, it’s still 2.7% for manually entered cards. With other systems, if I do more than a $1000 I have to wait 30 days for the funds to post. With SalesVu, it doesn’t matter how much I do, it’s still the next day.
I love this SalesVu app because it just blows other systems out of the water. It is the best point of sale. Other systems are very basic. You put items on there, once you get over 20 items you have trouble finding everything, but with this SalesVu app, you can look at it through category, you can look at it alphabetically, you can program the list where, the top of list is what you’re selling the most. You can find anything in seconds. It’s very user friendly. I love how I can just program modifiers in, if someone wants to make a latte a soy latte I can have that charge as a modifier. You can’t do that with other systems. There’s a great part of the app that connects with facebook. It’s fantastic for viral marketing. There’s a discount button on the app that’s not on other systems. You can program it to be what ever kind of discount you want. That’s not anything close to what other systems offer. The great thing about SalesVu is that, it is the whole package. It is a wonderful point of sale. It’s mobile, and you can do sales out in the field. When I’m on a catering order. I took a sale in an elevator on the way up to a place where I was delivering coffee.
One of my favorite things about the SalesVu app is the ability to get on the cloud and control everything. You can change your prices, add a product, all in a matter of seconds. You can hit save, pushes everything to your device, no matter what you do, if you’re changing something on the cloud, it’ll push it to all your devices. So I have three different devices that I use at the current shop. You can track sales by device and not just general lump sum. So when I’m running reports, I can track what’s selling fastest and what’s selling slow. It’s great you that you can run it by not just how many tacos you’re running, but what kind of tacos and what time of day, hourly, what time of day are you selling out of tacos. SalesVu helps me track all that. Other systems doesn’t allow me to track any of that. Just great that you can get something so simple to use and so vast in its abilities. In real time I can know what my sales are at the shop. When I went of vacation to Arkansas, I was able to get online to see how the employees were doing, and see what the sales were. I was able to tack our hourly, any kind of report you could think of, you can run hourly, you can run by product, you can put it in a bar graph, you can put it in a line, a pie chart, a table form. It’s so easy to use and so easy to track. The cloud offers so many features. You can manage your customers, view the customer history. When I grow my business and add many more devices and more locations, I can have a good picture of who needs to be up selling an extra shot to a latte, or adding more food items to the general drink and so it’s real important for me to know who’s on what device and who’s our best salesman, and what techniques are they using so that we can get other employees to use the same thing.
So one day in the future, I can be sitting by my pool, and have my laptop out, and just see what the sales are, what’s going on in every shop in all 30 stores.

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