How SalesVu iPad POS System Can Make a Difference for Your Business


Mobile POS systems are exactly that – mobile. That means your business goes where you go. You can manage your employees, track inventory, and even make sales on the go. This also allows you to easily monitor your business, even while you are away. It offers a complete point of sale right at your fingertips.

What Can They Do?

Mobile POS systems can easily accomplish the following services from unlimited terminals, like any iPad or Android device:

  • Automatically syncs information between all devices through the cloud
  • View sales reports quickly by product, employee, business location, and more
  • Quick setup of products with sizes, colors, and other options
  • Easily add products to orders with barcode scanning
  • Integrated online ordering
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Secure payment processing
  • Manage finances and recurring billing
  • Provide receipts through print or e-mail
  • Automated discounts

Your Employees Will Love It

Most people are attached to their smartphones and mobile tablets nowadays anyways, so your employees will be able to learn the mobile POS system more easily and quickly than they would a cash register. In fact, a POS system will even allow them to instantly split checks, add gratuity to the check, apply discounts, easily process refunds and exchanges, and more that they couldn’t normally do with a traditional cash register.

A POS system helps to automatically organize everything quickly, so your employees can focus more on the customer experience. Your employees will also have access to all business information, including product descriptions, menu items, and prices – all from the mobile device, so they can easily pull up the required information on a moment’s notice.

Say Goodbye to Long Checkout Lines

With mobile POS software, your employees can also take the checkout counter with them, so they can easily interact with customers, and even ring up their sales, anywhere in or out of the store. They can walk around the store, answer customer questions on the spot, and ring them up immediately, so your customers never even need to visit a register. Human error is natural, but with a POS system, human error is reduced or eliminated, ensuring more efficient records, inventory, reporting, payments, and business transactions.

Most importantly, having an iPad or Android POS solution will allow you to ditch your clunky, fickle cash register once and for all. Studies have also shown that customers are usually most frustrated by long checkout lines. With a POS system, you can say goodbye to long lines and wait times. Not only will your customers have a better experience, but you will also enjoy faster customer turnover and higher profits.

How to Get Started

Our iPad POS and Android POS systems are free to use and can be fully integrated with the other SalesVu solutions to better organize and streamline your system. Mobile POS systems are easy to use and easy to set up, so you and your employees can begin using it in no time.

Mobile POS is expected to grow 95% in 2014 alone, so find out why companies in all different industries are taking advantage of it!

Contact us for more information on the benefits of a mobile POS system or to get started today.

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