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Mobile Payment SquareUp: SalesVu iPad POS System beats Square at Purse & Clutch


Hi, my name is Jen Ardill and I’m the owner of Purse and Clutch. I’m really excited about the possibility of being able to accept credit cards at the Farmers Market. A lot of times people will bring cash to buy their produce for the week, but they‘re not necessarily have cash for impulse buys. I originally thought I was going to use Square, and kind of looked into that and actually ordered it and then I realized that all you can do is type in the numbers instead of actually having your prices entered. So it seemed really limiting. So I tried using SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS application. So I really like how easy this setup is. I can choose separate categories so I can choose my categories for scarves, and I have two different types of scarves. I can say how many scarves that I have. So I know that I have eleven scarves and when one sells it’s going to take it off of my inventory. I have all my inventory already put in. So all I have to do whenever someone comes is type that they wanted an apron and it also keeps all the inventory online, so I don’t have to write down or try to keep track of everything because it’s already online. Another feature that I really like is that I can email out a receipt so not only does it keep track of their emails so I can contact them later, but they also have a record of the purchase that they just made. So it just makes it that much more secure and gives people that peace of mind. So I think it’s going to make things really easy today and I’m excited to get started. I’m really happy that I decided to go with SalesVu POS System instead of with Square or another credit card reader. I feel like it, first of all, the apparatus that is comes with is much sturdier than Square which is just a small thing up top. I can really get a good grip and slide it across. Also I notice that when I was at the Farmers Market it never shows the credit card number, so it’s much more secure then with Square, and I want to make sure my customers feel very secure as they hand me over their credit card that they don’t have to worry about identity theft or someone taking their number because it’s not even possible. I really like that. So I’ve logged into, and I’m going to look at the reports tab. To look at my sales by product, just to see how I did at the Farmers Market yesterday. It’s nice that I don’t have to input anymore data, but it’s all been collected on my phone already and it goes straight here. So I can look at the date range, I’m going to look at yesterday, and I started 8am in the morning, and I ended, we’ll just say to be safe, the whole day. I can choose that I can look at products or categories by level, but I’m just going to choose products, select all, and in the future if I expand, I can show by specific store or employee, I’m just going to choose all for right now. Then I’m going to submit it. I’ve chosen to do a pie chart, although I can choose other graphs as well. Here I can see just by glancing at it, how much I’ve made per product. If I were to use another product like Square for my card reader, I would have to enter all this manually into a spread sheet and have to make a graph of my own, and this saves me so much time. The next thing I want to look at is my order form. Again, I’m going to choose, looking at yesterday, starting in the morning until yesterday in the evening, and then submit. So it’s going to show me all of my orders, so I can expand one. I can see that this scarf is $24 and I have the person’s signature, so that I can refund it or re-email the receipt. So here I’m at my inventory tab, I can view or adjust my inventory. Here you see I have everything with the quantity that is updated with the purchases that were made at the Farmers Market. So I can always know just at a glance when I need to put in my next inventory order with my wholesaler. I can look at my inventory by categories, so I can see that I have five handkerchiefs left, and I have eleven scarves. It’s so nice to just be able to view everything at a glance and that it’s the same setup that’s on my phone that I was looking at the Farmers Market. Square would never allow me to do anything like this because isn’t an inventory option. Simply with Square, you just enter in the number. Last thing we’re going to look at is the customer database that it automatically makes. Here I have emails, and if I wanted to go in and fill in extra information I could. I can choose to view the history of something. So I can see, okay, this person is not a repeat customer, so I can really learn a lot of information about my customers from right here on the customer tab. It also shows the total amount that I sold, I can also export these things and information if I want to get to the information in any other way.

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