Recommended process for setting up sizes and/or colors for apparel and other retail products in SalesVu

The following are steps for creating products in POS System that have fixed pricing (e.g. Clothing, Shoes, etc.):

  1. 1. Sign in to
  2. 2. Click the ‘Products’ tab or icon
  3. 3. Click ‘Add Product’
  4. 4. In the name field, enter the product name (in this example we will use ‘Henley Shirt’)
  5. 5. Enter a selling price
  6. 6. Choose a category and tax bracket
  7. 7. Optionally choose inventory settings, UPC Code, SKU code, and button/list color for the app
  8. 8. Click the arrow next to ‘Select Modifier Groups’ to expand the options
  9. 9. Click ‘Add Group’ next to header, ‘Modifier Groups’
  10. 10. In the field ‘Group Name,’ enter ‘Size’
  11. 11. Click ‘More’ to expand the options of the group
  12. 12. Click the box ‘Merge’
  13. 13. Click ‘Save’
  14. 14. Under the header, ‘Modifier Items,’ enter your 1st size in the field ‘Item Name’ (Small) and click ‘Save’
  15. 15. In the ‘Item Name’ field enter the next size (Medium) and click ‘More’ to enter the additional cost into the ‘Extra Cost’ field
  16. 16. Continue to repeat for all your product’s sizes
  17. 17. Repeat steps 8 – 16 for colors
  18. 18. Click ‘Save’
  19. 19. Sync your iOS device. You will now see product(s). When you touch it, a popup will appear allowing you to select only 1 size

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