SalesVu 2.2 Demo

Hi my name is Jarod. In this video, I’m going to walk you through the new features of SalesVu 2.2. The biggest feature that we’ve added in this release is something we’re calling ‘Cross-device-sync’. Now what this allows is for you to open an order on one device, add products to it/from another and close it on any other devices that you might have. As you can see on my iPad POS right here, we touch the orders screen, you’ll see all the orders that are opened on this device. Now if we go to the online portal and enable the cross device sync, to do this you’ll go to settings, click on ‘cross-device-sync’, click enable cross-device-sync. You’ll have a list of all your active payment devices and in our case we just have 2 so we’ll just sync the 2. In your case you can choose 3 out of 5 or all of them depending on your needs. So once this has been saved, you’ll want to sync your device, and you’ll want to go back and now when we touch the ‘orders’, it’s going to show all the open orders from my payment device iPad 1 and it shows all the orders on iPad 2 as well. And we can open these up, we can remove products, we can add a baseball cap and then go back to our last open order. This is a pretty awesome feature, especially for bars, restaurant. We’re really excited to see how some other businesses use it.

Next thing we’ve added is the search by product or SKU name. So in this case, let’s say we want to bring up any of our pinot products, type in pinot and it brings all those up. If you have something more specific, obviously you can put it in as specific as you want to get. On the SKU side of things, I’ll show you how that works in case you haven’t seen it. So you’ll go to products and in this case we’ll edit a product. Let’s say we go to the chardonnay 08 bottle and we add the SKU code 08CHAR7. Click save and we’ll come back to our payment device and we go 08CHAR and that’s what’s going to come up. It’s also a really great feature for anyone that uses SKU codes, especially retailers.

So the next feature that we’ve added is the ability for you to remove tax on a single order. So if you have customers that are tax exempt. Let’s say they buy a bunch of cases for wholesaling. You can come in here and expand the order by touching the plus button and touch remove and then click yes. As you can see right here, you can remove the tax just for that one order. The tax will be reinstated for every order after that as you can see we’ll pay for this one and we’ll add another bottle and as you can see, the tax is back on there. If you want to close that back up, you’ll just have to push that button again.

The next feature that we’ve added is the ability to have decimalized quantities. So for example, if you’re selling items by the pounds or by the gallon and you want to sell it in partial amounts. In this case we’re selling coffee by the pound, come to the quantity and now let’s say somebody comes in and buys 2 ½ pounds. At 9.99 a pound and it calculates the difference for you. It’s a great way to sell in anything you’re selling in bulk, or by weight or some sort of measurements.

The last thing we’ve added that I can’t really show but we’ve added support for the Star Micronics TSP143LAN printer. Lot of you have asked for that so by popular demand it’s been added.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 888-900-5819, email us at [email protected] or post in the support portal. We’ll be happy to hear your questions, comments or anything that you might have to say.

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