SalesVu iPad POS System is the “Perfect” Restaurant POS for Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza!

SFP Restaurant POS

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza (SFP) is a pizzeria located on a ranch in southwest Austin, Texas. SFP prides themselves on using as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible along with a unique 3-day cold fermentation process for their pizza dough. SFP shares their 180-acre plot of land with Jester King Craft Brewery. This allows guests to embark on an exciting brewery tour and end their evening with a delicious, hand-crafted pizza – all in one trip! This establishment is “family friendly, but also appropriate for a first or second date”, they even carry wine, cider and 19 craft beers on tap!

SFP owner Cinnamon Nemec sought a mobile restaurant POS solution because she wanted to keep the farmhouse experience as close to authentic as possible.

“We do not have anything electronic. We don’t have screens for the cooks to look at; we don’t have TVs or anything,” explains Nemec. “We do not want our customers to walk up to our counter on a farmhouse and see the back of a computer… But we also want to be able to run credit cards quickly, take care of our customers in a modern fashion and keep track of cash and credit card income.”

SalesVu is perfect for that cause we can use iPad Minis!” exclaims Nemec. She enjoys that her employees are able to walk around to answer customer questions, then ring up a sale anywhere. Since SFP is located outdoors on an 8,000 square foot pavilion, they cannot leave any equipment outside without it being damaged by flour or dust in the air. Nemec likes that the iPad devices are mobile and can easily be stored in a main building where they are out of harms way.

SalesVu’s help to SFP has been “two-fold” according to Nemec. She appreciates “being able to have modern technology married with low-tech visual effects.”

When she opened SFP about a year and a half ago, Nemec was using PayPal as her mobile point-of-sale solution. She soon realized that PayPal was not able to keep up with the growing demands of her inventory and did not want to have employees sifting through hundreds of uncategorized items to ring up one sale. After doing research on Square, QuickBooks, PayPal and Intuit, she found herself thoroughly unimpressed. Intuit was generally “terrible” and Square did not have the inventory capabilities she needed. QuickBooks was “all wrong and their customer service was horrible. They weren’t willing to bend at all and it was too hard to get anyone to help me or answer any questions.”

SFP sign

After a customer recommendation, SFP started using SalesVu. “From day one, customer service has been phenomenal!” raves Nemec. The support staff has been able to figure out a solution to every problem she has faced and she “LOVE, LOVE LOVES” being able to use a local company for her business management needs.

Nemec’s favorite thing about SalesVu is the fact that she can manage her business easily and not feel disconnected if she leaves for vacation. Even when she’s not present in the store she can log in and see how the day is going.

“Everything I like to keep track of while I’m at the restaurant, I can keep track of on the mobile app while I’m gone.” She says.

The reporting center has been the most beneficial part of SalesVu for SFP. Not only do they find it “well laid out”, they really appreciate the ease of use when trying to generate reports for business accounting or government offices.

Nemec reports that SFP has saved money with SalesVu simply by decreasing the occurrences lost sales and lost customer information. They’ve only been open for a year and a half, but using a faster system to get customers through the line has greatly increased sales per hour.

SFP was so thrilled by their experience with SalesVu’s iPad POS, they also have incorporated SalesVu gift card management and plan to explore employee scheduling once the summer ends.

“I’m keeping [SalesVu] because I really like it. I love it enough to recommend it to other local companies and vendors. It’s nice to use something I feel good about!”

SFP restaurant pos 2

For more information about Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza, visit their website or click any of the social media icons below!


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