SalesVu’s software was built for modern, unique, mixed-business models according to Marigolds Market Bar.


marigolds market and bar

Marigolds Market Bar is a gourmet grocery market and bar/restaurant located in McPherson, Kansas. It features small-batch, American-made foods, and a bar that serves micro-brews, fine wines, and craft cocktails.

Being fairly new, Marigolds Market Bar was in need of a software that was capable of accommodating their blossoming, versatile business. After conducting some online research, business owner Michelle Pyle came upon exactly what she needed- SalesVu, a software she describes as being built for “modern, unique, mixed-business models” just as her own.

When asked what some of her favorite factors of our software are, Pyle stated she loves the all-in-one factor, which for her include the staff clock-in/out machine, cash register, customer tracking app, inventory app, and reports among others. She also mentioned loving the real-time factor and archive ability.

“We can obsessively check sales AND make quarterly reports.  Also, we can look at data in so many ways, it makes us, as business owners, super, super happy.”

Another feature of SalesVu that Pyle loves is the 24-7 support and our friendly customer service.

“The fact that I can chat online with support or submit a ticket online saves me time and a headache – getting on the phone in a busy store is not easy.  Chatting online or submitting tickets at end of evening or early morning is awesome!  More importantly, the folks responding actually are able to help.  They not only solve the immediate problem, they have other ideas, ways to make things easier.  And they’ve been 10 times nicer than companies we’ve purchased equipment from in the thousands of dollars category.”

Marigolds Market Bar’s staff is also enjoying using SalesVu.

“We love the simplicity of SalesVu.  There are no long staff trainings needed.  It’s fairly intuitive, similar to web/phone tools, etc. so our younger staff are psyched and ready to learn on their own because it’s fun/cool etc.”

Whether you’re in need of some fresh, local groceries or would like to sample one of their savory dishes and a tasty drink, be sure to stop by Marigolds Market Bar next time you’re in the area. To learn more visit their facebook website and be sure to follow their social media down below.

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