SalesVu iPad POS System Role on the Street of Dreams

1016503_10151676555068921_1853527372_nThe Company

  • Street of Dreams (SD) is the original Luxury Home Show in the U.S. and has been running continuously since 1977. It is held in late summer, usually in August, and hosts 60-80,000 attendees.

The Needs

  • SD’s show is held on recently developed land far from the offices. They needed a POS System to track customer ticketing and concession sales.

The SalesVu Decision

  • SD was using a Quicken application residing on a PC.

“We tried to vet every application we could find,” said VP of Finance Mike Maxwell. “We looked at everything in the iTunes app store as well as scouring the web. The decision to use SalesVu was unanimous among those in the process.”

  • SalesVu stood out to Street of Dreams because of its ease of use.

“We had been using another application but were able to eliminate at least 1 step in the sales process that allowed us to process customers more quickly to reduce lines and wait times,” said Maxwell.

The Results

“The overall simplicity allowed us to drop steps in processing the customer,” said Maxwell. “I would also say the learning curve for the staff was super easy and they picked it up with little difficulty, so training time and errors were reduced.”

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