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Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co Adopts SalesVu’s iPad POS System

Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co (PJ) is a mobile yarn truck that satisfies the modern knitter’s craving for sumptuous yarns. PJ is just like a gourmet food truck..but with yarn! They sell to inspired knitters at music festivals, studio tours, markets and retreats. Purlin’ J’s is a small-scale, flexible retailer that is responsive to the market.

“The truck, in part, is literally a vehicle to connect the fiber crafting community with local wool producers,” said Owner Joan Sharpe.

Because Sharpe’s business is operated out of a truck, she wanted an iPad POS. She heard about SalesVu through Ravelry, an online knitting community and other local yarn shop owners that recommended it. Sharpe also considered Square when making her decision.

“I chose SalesVu because of the point of sale software and inventory management that comes with it,” said Sharpe. “Now I can easily share my sales and inventory data with my bookkeeper.”

Sharpe uses an iPad and says that her business is made more viable because of this technology.

“I like that I can manage my inventory from anywhere and that the credit card component is very easy to use,” said Sharpe.


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Facebook: PurlinJs     Twitter: @PurlinJs     Ravelry: PurlinJs     Pinterest: PurlinJs

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