Check Out Our Awesome New Customer, Wayfarer Boutique!

Wayfarer Boutique offers a unique shopping experience; a 1967 Sport King Camper as the storefront. Wayfarer travels around to different venues and sets up shop anywhere that is inviting to the public. Inspired by Restoration Hardware, they sell traditional home décor, fine linens by April Cornell, gourmet pantry food items, jewelry, beauty products and everything in between. The long list of lines that Wayfarer carries include: Homart, Accent Decor, Better Life Cleaning Products, Rustic Bakery and Blue Moon Teas.

Owner Keri Martin found SalesVu while she was on the hunt to find an iPad POS that costs next to nothing after hearing her friend pays $50/month for her Shopkeep POS System. Prior to joining SalesVu, Martin was using ProPay.

“The price point was the biggest factor in my decision; I also like  Sythe inventory tracking feature,” said Martin. “Customer service was a motivating factor when I was making decisions on which company to go through; SalesVu always answered my questions.”

Because Wayfarer is about traveling and isn’t located in a brick and mortar building, having a retail POS terminal was crucial for doing business.

“Mobility and inventory tracking are my favorite SalesVu features,” said Martin. “I especially like the feature of adding the wholesale cost of each product and the quantities of each item in stock.”

For more information regarding Wayfarer, go to or like their Facebook page!

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