SalesVu iPad POS System at Work in the Service Industry


The service industry loves SalesVu! Hear why our iPad POS is helpful in this industry from our customer, WRENCH, a service-based bicycle shop whose main focus is on repairs rather than bike sales.

WRENCH needs a POS system so they can keep their shop in order, from selling services to ordering and stocking all parts and accessories needed to keep the business running smoothly. WRENCH tried using Square but the system was “too simple” for their taste. They need the ability to create orders and leave them open until customers enter the shop to close them; Square is not capable of this.

“We had several POS options to choose from; we chose SalesVu because of the complexity of the POS system and the customer service we have received so far,” said WRENCH Owner Buck Hazard. “It’s a great POS!”

Hazard likes the ability to email a customer with an open order so they know when their repair is complete. He also like the “pay now” function.

SalesVu, or any iPad POS app, saves small businesses plenty of upfront costs,” said Hazard. “We looked into buying a [traditional] POS system, including hardware, and the costs were very high. Using an app-based [system] allows any business to use their existing iPad.”

You can learn more about this bike shop at or on Facebook.

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