The Screen Lady Changes POS Systems After 12 Years


SalesVu’s new customer, The Screen Lady (TSL), is a mobile on-site screen service. TSL specializes in custom fabrications, replacements and repairs of window and door screens. They fabricate and install virtually any kind of custom screen. TSL’s traveling workshop allows them to fabricate screens at customers’ curbside. Their custom trailer, equipped with all the necessary tools, allows them to create customers’ screens on the job the first time around rather than going back and forth and making multiple appointments. This unique mobility creates the obvious need for an mPOS solution to complete payments on-the-spot.

“The customers love it and so do we,” said TSL Owner Nhorma Eischen.

Eischen heard about SalesVu through a Manta recommendation in one of their “best conversations of the week” emails.

  1. “If you are looking for an item to collect money (physical or through the web) and track inventory, send invoices, have gift cards or coupons, then you should look at SalesVu,” read the Manta email. “It has tons of features and is simple to setup. Customer service is excellent. It’s a company I use and highly recommend.”

TSL had used Retriever Payment Systems for 12 years before adopting SalesVu. Eischen accepted their high fees but struggled with their “awful” customer service.

“We used Square on our second mobile workshop for a brief time last year,” said Eischen. “I didn’t like the fact that there was no one you could talk to if you made a mistake with the transaction.”

TSL was tired of having to manually input transactions on their second trailer’s terminal and wanted to avoid the cost of a second terminal. Eischen thoroughly researched SalesVu and interviewed them on the phone after reading about the POS system.

“I could already tell the customer service would be excellent,” said Eischen. “The transactions are secured, the fees are great (no increase for non-swiped cards, unlike Square) and there are no termination fees. I will be paying a termination fee with Retriever and have to finish paying the remaining lease payments on my equipment; this amount is close to $800. Ouch!”

Eischen likes that SalesVu is easy because she considers herself to be “low-tech.” She has also had a great experience with SalesVu and Mercury’s customer service.

“I was initially concerned about SalesVu using Mercury because I had read their reviews which weren’t great but they proved me wrong,” said Eischen. “I will be writing stellar reviews on both SalesVu and Mercury in the near future!”

You can find out more information about The Screen Lady on Yelp and Angie’s List.


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