SalesVu Table Reservation is a perfect fit for Sukhi Restaurant in Panama City


Sukhi is a full service casual restaurant that serves dishes from Southeast Asia, the majority of the plates offered are from Thailand. Sukhi is based in Panama City, Panama and they have been in operation for 4 years. Sukhi has just opened its second restaurant in the City and has signed for two new locations to open in 2016. SalesVu has been present throughout the evolution and growth of Sukhi. With the online reservation feature, ecommerce module and our SalesVu iPad POS we are thrilled to be a part of the sales team of Sukhi. We talked with business owner Robert Lamont and here is what he told us!

“Panama enforced a new law in 2012 to try and ensure sales were being declared to “the tax man” with a fiscal billing system.  There are a very limited number of POS systems compatible and we were using a Venezuelan system called A1.  We now have a very simple fiscal system that we use in conjunction with SalesVu.  A1 has table management and inventory management, but was written by a programmer and lacks ease of use and has some “quirks that i failed to get my head around.  We have also been using a local delivery system called delicentro which managed our online orders and deliveries; we are in the process of taking photos of all our dishes so that we can set up our own delivery system using the e-commerce app.”

Robert told us the story of how he discovered SalesVu. Here is his story.

“I came across SalesVu when I was looking for a highly functional, portable POS that didn’t break the bank.  We occasionally do events and trade fairs with a mobile kitchen and needed to keep track of our sales; when I found SalesVu and saw it was free we tested it and instantly liked its ease of use . I was sure that when we opened our second restaurant we would use an iPad base point of sale, we looked at  POS Lavu, Revel POS and  Spectu before deciding to use SalesVu, we chose SalesVu because we could take the transition in steps, starting with just using the POS and Table management and then proceeding to use the other apps further down the line.”

SalesVu has been hugely beneficial for Sukhi, the first and most important is the price. Opening a new location isn’t cheap and the thought of spending a lot more money in other systems like Micros when we could of been spending it elsewhere was not appealing for Robert.


“As I previously mentioned, we also wanted to take the transition in steps, this has helped us get to grips with the system at our own pace and use our previous system in conjunction with SalesVu.
SalesVu is also saving all of our staff a huge amount of time, orders can be taken at the table and reports can be generated in a flash, our previous system was incredibly clunky at producing reports and always took half an hour to close the month. Also SalesVu allows us to sell anywhere we want, we can go to trade fairs and even process orders for customers in their car for delivery.”

For Robert the best feature is being able to see how the restaurant is doing wherever he is. He can be in the other restaurant and he can see what’s going on from his iPhone.

“I can generate instant reports on the golf course, you really can be anywhere and use the system.”

If you want to explore the Southeast Asia culture and food, go to Sukhi in Panama and delight yourself with the best tastes and the best people. Visit their website and follow their social media accounts.


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How to Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with SalesVu Employee Scheduling


A happy employee is a productive employee. When your staff is happy, they are able to better meet your business needs, provide customers with an exceptional experience, and are more willing to go the extra mile. This can improve both customer and employee retention and loyalty.

Train Them Well

Properly training employees is an important step in getting them more engaged and interested in what they’re doing. Your workforce should know how to explain every product in your inventory, so that they can successfully answer questions and upsell products to customers. When your employees know the products well, they can promptly inform customers of how different products can benefit their lives, which is the first step to making a compelling sales pitch.

Engage Your Workers

Get your workers engaged. Let them call some of the shots, encourage their suggestions, and find other ways to get them more interested in their work. Encourage them to interact with customers more. Not only does this help pass the workday more quickly, but it also helps foster a better relationship between the customer and your employee, leading to more customer and employee retention.

Ask for Feedback

If there is something bothering an employee, they aren’t as satisfied or productive. Keep an open line of communication with your workforce so that they feel comfortable addressing issues of concern or room for improvement. They may have unique suggestions to help your business, and will feel like they are being heard and understood.

Reward Employees for a Job Well Done

Have fun challenges and reward incentives for employees to look forward to. Rewarding employees doesn’t always have to cost money, but offering prizes offers added incentives for employees to sell more and increase their productivity. Even a word of encouragement can go a long way. Recognize their contributions, encourage their helpfulness, offer positive feedback and constructive criticism, and let them know that they are appreciated and are making a difference. They will be more inclined to work harder and take more pride in their work.

Mandatory Breaks

Taking a break during the workday is every employee’s right. But it’s more than just that. It’s their time to break away from the stress of work to clear their head, refocus their priorities, and return to the workday refreshed, ready to face the work ahead, and more productive.

Get a POS System

With a POS system, your employees can do things like answer questions, make upsell recommendations, and even ring up sales from anywhere around the store or restaurant. This intuitive software can allow you to take your business with you, so your workforce can access business operations and reporting all from their tablet or mobile phone.

You can also take advantage of employee scheduling and management software, which can help you quickly find discrepancies and trends among your workforce. To begin making better business decisions, increasing productivity, and simplifying your business operations, contact SalesVu about our all-in-one business management solution.

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Learn How to Upsell Successfully with SalesVu ECommerce Website



Upselling is an important part of any business. By recommending the right additional products to customers, your business can enjoy increased sales, increased revenues, and more satisfied customers. However, becoming too pushy or using the wrong sales tactics can turn customers away. That’s why we’ve provided some tips to help you upsell more successfully.

Thoroughly Train Your Employees

It is important to make appropriate suggestions based on what your customer has purchased, ordered, or is interested in. Your employees or servers should be well versed on the products in inventory so that they can better explain them to customers and find the appropriate complementary items or accessories.

Provide Useful Suggestions

If possible, suggest more than one item. Giving customers a choice makes them feel more in control and will make them more likely to purchase one of the complementary items. If there are items that are generally purchased together, then consider creating a package deal or have your employees recommend the bestselling duo whenever a customer purchases one of the items. For instance, if they are purchasing electronics, your employees can recommend batteries, cases, or other accessories to complement their new electronics.

Make Yourself Known

Greet your customers as they walk in the door, get to know them, find out why they came, and make yourself readily available in case they have questions. If possible, engage in conversation regarding what they are purchasing, without following them around the store.

Read Your Customer

Not every customer wants to buy more than what they came in for. Pushing a sale on a customer who is unlikely to buy anything will only scare them away from your business altogether. Learn to read your customers, so that you can tailor your approach to better suit their needs.

Be Prepared

Many people feel nervous about upselling or suggesting items to customers. Provide your employees with a suggestion on how to approach customers. Some businesses even script out a compelling sales pitch, which employees can use and change as they please.

Leave Goodies By the Register

There is a reason that stores put irresistible sweets and affordable finds near the register. While people are spending time in line or at the register, give them something to be tempted by. Your employees can easily mention the small goodies to customers. You can also offer incentives, such as discounts when a customer hits a certain price point. This will make them more likely to increase their order or buy the little items by the register.

Invest in a POS System

A POS system can take all of the guesswork out of upselling. It will recommend the right products to suggest based on the customer’s purchases. This will make employees feel more confident selling those items. With a POS system, your employees can also pull up all items in inventory (and information relating to those items), so that they can quickly answer any questions about the products. Contact SalesVu to begin benefitting from a POS system and upselling more.

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The smartest choice is SalesVu iPad POS System for Seminar Brewering


Seminar Brewing LLC is a partnership of three brewers: Bryan Fisher, Travis Knowles and John Mathias, along with business partner and project manager Dave Peters. They have created an exciting standard tap list, along with a solid reservoir of recipes for special releases and seasonal ales.Seminar is a microbrewery specializing in high quality, hand-crafted ales.Never has it ever been so much fresh, exciting and local craft beer being produced. Seminar Brewing is a proud user of SalesVu restaurant POS.

“We operate a tasting room within our brewery. The space doubles as brew space, so our restaurant POS needed to be mobile and able to be packed away when not in use. In addition, we participate in beer festivals where merchandise sales are encouraged. A mobile POS solution allows us to process credit and debit cards on the go.”

Seminar Brewing  considered as other options Square, ShopKeep, and NCR Silver, but chose SalesVu over all because of its broad range of features, simple and the easy organization of the interface. They told us about the immense advantage of having an open tab management within SalesVu restaurant POS.


“Creating open tabs for our customers is easy, and viewing or reviewing sales activity is simple. It’s easy to get a daily sales summary and sales breakdown by category; we make a bank deposit for the cash portion the next morning. Credit card deposits in Quickbooks are made only when they are posted to the bank account, so we use a spreadsheet to track credit card deposits.”

SalesVu gives Seminar the ability to process credit and debit card transactions without any barriers to customer spending. The “only cash” sign has been removed while ago!

 “SalesVu restaurant POS also allow us to track tasting room sales of different products. Although we haven’t calculated the exact breakdown of money saved upfront, we know that the other products’ combined costs of the restaurant software solution, plus card processing fees, were much higher.

Seminar Brewery has not yet tried SalesVu Quickbooks integration nor the Ecommerce feature, but they look forward to try them in the near future and expand the reach of SalesVu restaurant POS benefits.


If you would like to know more about this exciting and fresh local  be sure to visit their website by clicking on here and like them on Facebook for updates. 

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“Every business should have an iPad POS System like SalesVu”


Enjoy craft beers and fine wines in a cozy Downtown Rogers bar in Arkansas, featuring  crafts Arkansas beers and fine wines from around the world. Business owners Rick and Naomi were previously the owners of a Farmers insurance Agency a few blocks from Brick Street Brews and have chosen SalesVu mobile POS solution as their business management tool.

“We knew we wanted to be convenient for the people on the way to Beaver Lake or the Rogers Little Theater or any of new restaurants around the downtown area. Then we got to work and created a place we want to share with all our friends, including the ones we don’t know yet.”

We asked them why a mobile POS solution and they said the cheapest and the most convenient way to receive any type of payments at very affordable credit card rates, was under SalesVu mobile POS platform.

“Another Local Brewery gave us the recommendation, and certainly we made the right decision. Customer service is always available for us and they treat us very well every time we call with numerous questions. All business should have a mobile POS platform like the one SalesVu offers. As new business owners, SalesVu is our first POS. We are very satisfied with our choice and we are certain our happy customers are too.  We feel we are updated to nowadays technologies and included in the business trends”

Brick Street Brews owners believe that the best features that SalesVu has in comparison to other competitors is that is really easy to use, has a great variety of services that complement the overall SalesVu business management tool.

“SalesVu mobile POS has low start up cost and the mobility and reach is great. SalesVu have helped us grow and become better partners and offer not only great quality beer, but also a great quality service at the cash register. By choosing SalesVu mobile POS, we have chosen to save more than 3,000 dollars or more.”

Brick Street Brews uses the Quickbooks integration that SalesVu provides and their experience using it has been exceptional. They would recommend all other users to explore this option and enjoy the helpful resource it can become.

If you enjoy good beer and having high quality time with friends, follow Brick Street Brews social media clicking the icons below or find more info about them on their website clicking here.


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Why You Should Make the Switch to SalesVu iPad POS System now

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.22.59 PM

If you’ve considered making the switch to POS, it may be one of the most impactful things you can do for your small business. The easy-to-use software can help you seamlessly run your business from anywhere, anytime. Whether you have one small boutique or a number of large retail stores around the country, a POS system can be customized to fit your needs. The system can pay for itself in no time with increased revenues, a larger client base, and more time to spend with your customers.

Quick Checkout Process

Instead of having to wait in line for an open register, your customers can check out from anywhere in the store with mobile POS technology. This is a fast, highly convenient option for both your customer and employees, and can lead to more on-the-spot sales. It will also reduce the chances of a customer walking out because they don’t want to wait in line to pay for their purchase.

Answer Questions On the Spot

Imagine having all the information on products and items in inventory at your fingertips. With mobile POS, you can answer any questions customers may have about your products and services. This can help employees engage more meaningfully with customers, creating more customer loyalty, customer retention, and even employee retention.

Effortlessly Upsell

With a POS system, your employees will know exactly which products will work well with what your customers are already interested in. This can take the guesswork out of upselling and will give your employees more confidence when they are selling a product.

Send Orders to the Right Place

When it comes to a restaurant, bar, café, or fine dining establishment, things can quickly get out of control if the front and back of the house are not in sync. With a POS system, each order can go to the correct area. Employees can easily open multiple tabs, split checks, accept payment, and more – all from an iPad or mobile device. This can save a huge amount of time, help your business run more efficiently, and provide your employees with the tools they need to succeed.

Gain Complete Insight into Your Business

With a POS system, you can gain complete insight into your business, inventory, and customer purchase patterns. It can also help with things like table management, inventory management, employee management, customer tracking, marketing automation, accounting, and more. This can help you make better business decisions, replenish inventory before it’s too late, and anticipate your customers’ needs.
Join the New Age

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.23.48 PM

Many small businesses are now enjoying the overwhelming benefits of POS technology. Offering your customers these same options can provide them with the quick, convenient shopping experience they want and expect. Dated machinery and practices can slow down your business and show customers that you are not keeping up with your competitors’ technology. So contact SalesVu to find out how you can start taking advantage of affordable POS software today.

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Cheers to Pitchfork Brewing Using SalesVu’s iPad POS System


Pitchfork Brewing (PB), a small Wisconsin brewery, has just adopted SalesVu! PB focuses on brewing craft beer with an emphasis on environmental practices and locally sourced ingredients. They also have a tap room attached to the brewery where customers can stop in for a pint or pick up a growler to take home.

PB Owner Jessie Fredricksen read about SalesVu while researching credit card processors. Fredrickson thought that because PB is a small business with a small budget they would have to use a basic register and an add-on card processing machine. Then, they learned about the various POS systems that operate on iPads and iPhones.

“We discovered that we could have a point of sale system that provided great analytics without having to buy expensive equipment,” said Fredricksen.

In addition to SalesVu, PB considered Square, Shopkeep, NCR Silver and a traditional cash register. PB chose SalesVu’s POS system because it has everything they need in an iPad POS for a great price.

“Square wouldn’t let us run tabs for our customers, which we absolutely need in the tap room,” said Fredricksen. “We also liked the sturdier card reader that comes with SalesVu, as well as the in-depth analysis that the program can run for us. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of using all the data that SalesVu provides.”

With SalesVu, PB can operate smoothly when they are busy. They can now process transactions on the spot while delivering kegs to restaurants, outdoor festivals and events. Their favorite feature is the ability to run tabs for customers because they can swipe the card, leave the tab open under the customer’s name and keep track of multiple tabs simultaneously.

“This is incredibly helpful, especially when the tap room is busy,” said Fredricksen. “Another great thing about SalesVu is that it’s very easy to setup and use. It is quite intuitive and user friendly; I was able to teach everyone in the company how to use it very quickly.”

For more information about Pitchfork Brewing, go to, follow them on Twitter @PitchforkBeer or Like their Facebook page.

photo(6)                         photo(5)

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Welcome to SalesVu, Haunts of Mackinac Tours!

Haunts of Mackinac Tours (HMT) has adopted SalesVu! HMT is a walking tour company that provides guests with tours of history, legends and ghost stories of Mackinac Island, Michigan.

HMT needed an iPad POS because they sell tickets in a number of locations in addition to having a gift shop. Prior to looking into different POS solutions, they were using a traditional cash register and an online ticketing system.

Owner Todd Clements chose SalesVu because it “looked easy to use and to train others to use. Most importantly was the ability to maintain inventory numbers and tracking hours.”

His favorite features include the reporting abilities and inventory control because he can keep a close eye on the business from anywhere.

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Welcome to SalesVu, DropSmashFix!

Ugh, we all know that awful feeling when your phone breaksain’t nobody got time for that! So, check out our new customer DropSmashFix (DSF)!

DSF is known as the “smartphone repair pro” because their certified technicians fix smartphones (iPhones, Samsung, Android, Blackberry, etc.) and iPads. Located in Ventura, California, DropSmashFix offers approximately one hour repairs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What’s more, customers get a 100 day guarantee!

DSF had previously used Square and Shopkeep but switched to SalesVu iPad POS because of its functionality and inventory features. Owner Joel Felix told us he needed a POS system that was “clean and not bulky;” SalesVu fit the criteria while also offering “simplicity.”

We’re happy to have you on board, DropSmashFix! To find out more about DSF, you can visit their website:, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter!

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The Company

  • THE STARDUST CLUB and BILLIARDS (SCB), a family owned and operated business since 1996, has set itself apart from the rest of the Austin, Texas social scene. With two full service bars, 16 pool tables, a projection screen TV (along with 17 other screens), live music and karaoke, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to these main attractions, they also provide darts, dominoes, a digital jukebox, shuffle board, video games, touch screen bar tops and liquor catering. STARDUST has daily specials and events that incorporate all of their great features

“We have everything you need to have a great time,” said Owner Joan Castillo.

The Needs

  • Because of her busy schedule, Castillo wanted the ability to see everything related to her business remotely.

“To be able to wake up at my home and pull information from the previous evenings sales and/or reports in my pajamas is great,” said Castillo. “I can do most of my work from my phone or computer without coming into my business.”

  • Prior to adopting SalesVu, SCB was using Casio electronic cash registers. They had a very basic register system, paper inventory and sales reports were done either manually or on a spreadsheet.

The SalesVu Decision

  • Castillo looked into Aloha, POS Nation and Prosperity POS.

“I know several business owners in Austin that use SalesVu and I asked them if they liked the functionality and if it was user friendly; it seemed to fit what I had been looking for in a POS system,” said Castillo.

  • SCB needed inventory control and uniformed pricing for all of its bartenders; SalesVu had the necessary features.

“I like the fact that I can be anywhere and adjust a product price, name, marketing tool, read reports and email items to my manager or my CPA,” said Castillo. “I am still finding new things that SalesVu has to offer for me and my business.”

  • SalesVu is user friendly and simple.

“Almost all of my bartenders are younger and use Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs,” said Castillo. “When I looked into this system and its use of Apple products, it was a win-win because I would not have to teach them how to use it.”

  • Castillo liked the remote capabilities.

“I like being able to go into the system and look at a sale or a report at any given time at home, on the road, whatever,” said Castillo.

The Results

  • STARDUST has been able to utilize uniformed pricing and simpler inventory management.
  • The reports have helped save time.

“I can view everything from average sale tickets to quantity of items sold in a day, week or monthly basis, which saves time,” said Castillo.

  • According to Castillo, SCB has saved a minimum of $10,000 by switching to SalesVu iPad POS; including, needing multiple devices, printers and credit card swiper
    • s.





    tech support is priceless! I am able to call them any time of day and get my questions or inquiries answered with a phone call,” said Castillo. “I think they are great!”

    For more information about THE STARDUST CLUB and BILLIARDS, you can visit their website:, follow them on Twitter: @StardustAustin or like their Facebook page!

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