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DULCE Affair, the store that does it all, loves SalesVu iPad POS System and the QuickBooks integration!

The Company

DULCE Affair is a boutique that carries the latest fashions (i.e. shoes, handbags, accessories); from latest trends to designer labels. They also offer event planning, custom cakes, bridal wear and accessories.

“We are a boutique that celebrates life’s sweet moments; from those milestone moments in life like weddings, graduations and birthdays,” said Owner Marleen Nogueras. “We believe in looking good and feeling good from the inside out and spreading the love.”

The Needs

DULCE needed an iPad POS so that they could offer customers more flexible payment options. They sell merchandise at different markets in different towns (including Latin America and Panama), have a physical store and sell on EBAY. They also offer shopping events to customers in a variety of locations.

“Most people do not carry cash and we found that prior to this solution we would lose sales,” said Nogueras.

The SalesVu Decision

Originally, DULCE chose Square as their POS system. However, according to Nogueras, they quickly found out Square was “limited.” After extensive research (including Point of Sale, Intuit, Cashier and Flint) and communication, they chose SalesVu for all of its features. The specific features that won them over included: inventory tracking, product and services management, employee management, reports, marketing tools, customer tracking, split payment options, QuickBooks integration (QB’s Premier), emailed receipts (which customers love) and customer service.

“I do not feel like just another number, I feel like I have a friend that is helping me out,” Nogueras said of SalesVu’s customer service.

The Results

DULCE Affair is now mobile (duh!). They have several iPads so they are now able to sync them when they are at various places. Some days they go to many different locations in addition to being at their permanent shop.

“We use it daily as our register, it tracks our inventory, sales, etc.,” said Nogueras. “The product management and reporting system are key for us. The QuickBooks integration was the cherry on top.”

“We love that we always have it with us and can make a sale anytime and anywhere,” she said.

Nogueras says since adopting the SalesVu iPad POS, they are now more organized and in control.

DULCE saved on equipment cost because they already had an iPad for personal use and they continue to save by “being able to manage [their] discounts, labor and profits via the reports.” They also can be more cost effective through tracking items that sell best.

Now with the SalesVu’s QuickBooks integration, Nogueras doesn’t have to manually enter information, she’s saving multiple hours per day and has less errors in accounting.

“I am able to provide accurate and timely reports of taxes, payroll reports, profit and loss statements, etc,” said Nogueras. “It is fantastic!”

For more information about this awesome business, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @boutique_dulce

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