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SalesVu iPad POS System at Rolling Hot!


Rolling Hot (RH) is a mobile food service vendor that sells hot dogs from a cart. RH goes to events such as craft fairs, flea markets and farmer’s markets. Owner John Rhoades heard about SalesVu iPad POS on a weekly web podcast hosted by an entrepreneur who manufactures carts and advises future vendors. He had heard business owners, including the host, rave about SalesVu’s features. Rhoades had also looked into Square, but could not come to terms with them as he could SalesVu.

“I need a POS system because I am not in a ‘brick and mortar’ business with a landline for using a sales terminal,” said Rhoades. “The ability to use my smartphone with a card reader means that I can process payments using 4G or WiFi.”

Rhoades is looking forward to using SalesVu’s restaurant POS features to track sales, inventory and “just play around” with all that SalesVu iPad POS has to offer.

For more information on Rolling Hot, check out their Facebook page!

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