Maybe we’re partial, but this looks like San Francisco’s best golfing!


The Company

Eagle Club Indoor Golf (ECIG) brings a real golf experience to an indoor environment in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Using a real set of clubs and balls, golfers can practice in driving stalls or in a simulation room to play 18 holes in just about an hour per person. ECIG’s goal is to help customers get the most out of their game by using the latest launch monitor and simulation technology to help gather data on players’ ball flight or put them in the context of a shot they’re struggling with on a real course.

The Needs

Eagle Club needs an iPad POS in order to maximize their golf space and limit the office and desk clutter.

“Not having wires running everywhere and a bulky screen helps make that possible,” said Owner Michael Sharratt.

The SalesVu Decision

After looking into Square, PayPal and Intuit, SalesVu iPad POS turned out to be the right solution for ECIG. A big factor in their decision was that SalesVu is cheaper than a traditional POS system/merchant service provider on both startup and monthly costs. Sharratt also loved the “cool features for easy setup.”

“SalesVu was an easy choice with the cheaper processing price, cloud based features, inventory control and quick deposit times,” said Sharratt.

The Results

Sharratt likes the cloud based system as they use two registers, one cash drawer and one receipt printer.

“We can open up orders on one and close it on the other, which is important if one iPad is out taking drink orders so customers checking out at the front desk can close their orders there,” said Sharratt.

SalesVu iPad POS allows ECIG to be more profitable as they don’t have to pay additional fees and can access next day payments.

“For a startup, cash flow is essential and not having a waiting period to receive our payments is crucial to paying our bills on time or getting that crucial piece of equipment or advertising sooner rather than later,” said Sharratt.

Eagle Club has saved at least $1,000 upfront by not going with a traditional POS system.

“I used to sell merchant services so I know we’re paying far less,” he said.

According to Sharratt, they’re saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a year by not using similar solutions to SalesVu; plus, the savings in times because of the cloud based system, reports and lack of system downtime.

For more information on Eagle Club Indoor Golf, visit, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @EagleClubIG

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