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ECommerce Website allows ease of ordering at Brian’s Brew

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Brian’s Brew (BB) is an establishment that serves coffee, espresso drinks and breakfast items to the downtown Austin area. The coffee beans served here are roasted in a brick oven over a mesquite wood fire, courtesy of Summermoon Coffee Roasters. BB provides free delivery services to offices in the downtown area, and also offers a coffee solution to high-rise apartments.

BB sought a mobile POS solution because they wanted to have a consistent system that worked both in the shop and while out catering.

“It is nice to be able to charge a card from anywhere in downtown,” said owner Brian Burns.

After researching Intuit and Breadcrumb, as well as trying Square, Burns decided to use SalesVu.

“We chose SalesVu because we spent a lot of time looking for a good POS and SalesVu was the best one at the best price!”

Burns says he likes that SalesVu’s reporting feature helps him monitor which items are selling best and which need to be promoted further or removed from the menu completely. Also, he enjoys being able to track BB’s catering and in-store sales online, from anywhere.

With the use of SalesVu, BB has also been able to establish an ecommerce website that has helped their customers place orders online and pick them up in the store. Burns says that SalesVu has saved them an average of $1,100 per year!

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For more information on Brian’s Brew, visit them in Austin, view their website or click any of the icons below to follow them on social media.


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