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Check Out How SalesVu iPad POS System Works For Studios


Grates Cove Studios (GCS) is a husband-and-wife owned business in Grates Cove, the northerly-most point of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula. GCS offers finely crafted wood products and designs as well as co-owner Terrence Howell’s artwork. GCS accommodates artists, provides studio space, onsite hosts and art facilitation to support artists’ work. The Grates Cove Studios cafe opened this summer and is offering Newfoundland, Cajun and Asian-inspired meals. Additionally, it now accommodates travelers in its three bedroom vacation home.

GCS came across SalesVu’s iPad POS when intensely researching merchant systems. Prior to adopting SalesVu, they used Elavon’s virtual merchant system. GCS also considered Square at the time.

“We chose SalesVu because of the competitive merchant rates and because of the POS System that came with the account,” said GCS Co-Owner Courtney Howell.

GCS does business in their main building in Grates Cove, at trade shows throughout the year and online. The different sales locations gave them the need for an mPOS.

“We needed a professional, portable merchant system and point of sale system that could accommodate our sales wherever we do business,” said Howell.

“I love that my customers enjoy the checkout process; having a point of sale application on our iPad here in rural Newfoundland is not something that our customers expect,” said Howell. “I also really appreciate SalesVu’s customer service. I trust that when we need assistance, someone will be able to assist me during our business hours either by phone or email; the response has been very prompt and thorough.”

To find out more about Grates Cove Studios, visit or like their Facebook page.

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