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Funky Pearl Boutique Talks about SalesVu iPad POS System


The Company

Funky Pearl Boutique (FPB) is a small fashion retail store that focuses on high quality and cheaper pricing. FPB is located in a small community with the expectations of a big community. They sell clothes in a wide range of sizes as well as accessories, shoes and home decor.

The Need for an mPOS

FPB wanted customers to have flexibility and a variety of ways to pay.

“I was not planning to accept checks, only cash,” said FPB Owner Billie Kelley. “I could not afford to purchase an actual POS system right off hand, however I had an iPad and the low cost (free) fit perfectly into my budget. I love it; it’s a convenience to everyone!”

Choosing an iPad POS

SalesVu came recommended to Kelley while remodeling FPB’s building. Kelley’s friend (another boutique owner) was happy with the SalesVu iPad POS so she looked into it further.

“I have yet to use another system other than SalesVu,” said Kelley. “SalesVu was my first trial run for a POS system and so far we’ve had great luck with it with no intentions of switching.”

Kelley also considered Intuit, PayPal and Square when researching POS solutions.

“I had left banking before I opened my boutique and worked with many fraudulent accounts with PayPal and also heard some ugly rumors,” said Kelley. “Nobody I had spoken with used the other two that I considered (Intuit and Square) so I furthered my research in the one recommendation I was given.”

So..Why SalesVu?

Kelley claims to have chosen SalesVu for many reasons.

“I was able to use it as my cash register, inventory, bookkeeper and print reports needed for my accountant,” said Kelley. “I did not have to do any report figuring myself; it makes it convenient so I don’t have to spend time at the end of every month working on reports, rather I can spend it on improving my store.”

Favorite Thing About SalesVu

“My favorite feature about SalesVu is definitely how you can input your inventory into categories on the app to keep all merchandise separate and easy to find,” said Kelley. “Nobody likes to wait in line to purchase merchandise; this way, it provides an easy and fast way to checkout customers and a convenience to me as the owner.”

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