Thanks for Choosing SalesVu iPad POS System, Katrin Elia Yoga


Katrin Elia Yoga (KEY) is a yoga studio in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania that teaches mainly Yin Yoga as well as its variations (i.e. Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, Yin and Alignment). KEY’s mission is to heal through classical yogic practices such as breath work, meditation and specific postures. Owner Katrin Elia believes that yoga should be brought back to its roots as practiced in the Western world.

“Yoga is life and not only a body exercise,” said Elia.

KEY, which opened in March, is Elia’s first yoga studio. Elia discovered SalesVu’s POS system in the Apple App Store. After considering PayPal, Elia decided SalesVu was the best POS system for her as it “seemed easy to work with and did not charge fees upfront, only with transactions.”

Katrin Elia Yoga needed an iPad POS because many students come to class all at once and Elia wants to avoid long lines in the office.

“The SalesVu mobile point of sales solution makes it possible to move around,” said Elia.

It was important for Elia that customers be able to sit and relax on their mat in the practice room while the teacher handles payments efficiently.

“I like the fact that the features are easy to handle and easy to understand–very intuitive,” said Elia of the SalesVu iPad POS.

Thanks for the support, KEY! We’re excited to be assisting you run your yoga studio!

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