Have You Tried an Armadillo’s Ice Cream?

Armadillo’s Ice Cream Shoppe (AICS) is a true hometown, locally owned ice cream shoppe that serves a multitude of items: from sundaes to shakes or malts to old fashioned ice cream sodas. They also serve a variety of lunch and dinner options including: paninis, wraps and sandwiches. AICS is best known for their renowned homemade sherbet.

“We are committed to providing the best food and ice cream around with the best customer experience you can get, all at a reasonable price,” said Owner Michael Brummer.

When AICS heard about SalesVu iPad POS from another local business, they were in the process of using Square but were concerned about their accounting and reporting features. They also looked into PayPal when researching the best restaurant POS for them. An iPad POS was important to Armadillo’s because they wanted a touch screen register with the ability to accept credit cards.

“The iPad and free software was the most economically feasible option,” said Brummer. “The software coupled with the credit card services made the SalesVu option very attractive to us.”

SalesVu proved to be the best mobile point of sales system for AICS because “first and foremost SalesVu has the best customer service, along with all the right things [Armadillo’s] wanted from an accounting perspective.” The 25 employees’ transition to SalesVu’s POS system was easy, which made for an enjoyable customer experience as well.

Armadillo’s favorite things about the SalesVu solution are the reporting and customer service.

“The reporting is absolutely amazing; it makes accounting so easy and we can get as detailed or as simple as we like,” said Brummer.

We are thrilled that you chose SalesVu to help run your business, AICS! Send some of that ice cream our way please!

For more information on Armadillo’s, go to or like their Facebook page!

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