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Kettle Heroes have popped up their business with the easy-to-use SalesVu iPad POS System


Kettle Heroes have tasted the SalesVu iPad POS System and have popped up their business!. This company is a family-owned business located in Arizona that was launched into the market in 2013 by two brothers who were looking to make a difference in the world. They strive to offer customers from all ages the best popcorn, kettle corn and lemonade in the Southwest! They use only top-of-the-line, all-natural ingredients in their recipes.

We had the privilege to talk to one of the business owner Rudi Sinykin who runs day-to-day operations at Kettle Heroes. We asked him why Kettle Heroes needed a mobile iPad POS solution and they responded with a great story to share.

“We operate Food Trucks in the Arizona area and we needed a really easy POS system that could really be incorporated in a mobile platform facility like a food truck. SalesVu gave us a practical, affordable and easy-to understand platform that could easily be used with an iPad or Android. During our research for new POS solutions we investigated other competitors, but SalesVu really offered the best transaction fees for the credit card operations and it is able to work in multiple platforms like iOS and Android.”

Previously, Rudi told us that they owned a restaurant in which they used the traditional point of sale system, with cash registers.

” The cost of this machines was 2000$ or 3000$ and they broke down all the time. SalesVu offered us the possibility of using and iPad to manage the transactions and if something happens to it, well, it is affordable and easy to replace”

Rudi also told us that he has not yet used the majority of the SalesVu features, but that what he uses works fine all the time; nevertheless, they recommend to have good Internet Connection when using the SalesVu iPad POS to secure all the transactions.

“My favorite feature is the Sales Report. This one allows me to see the sales results at the end of the day and divides it in categories. It is really simple and easy to bring any transaction in the day by just clicking on it. SalesVu iPad POS operations go really fast which is excellent for our business requirements of almost 90 transactions per hour

The business has a positive motto that leads their day-to-day operations by following what they call, the Kettle Heroes’ creed: “BE HUMBLE. BE HONEST. BE A HERO”. Moreover, Rudi donates 20% of their earnings to several foundations like Pat Tillmans Foundation and since August 2013, we have donated over $17,000 to support local groups and causes such as Anasazi Elementary School and Making Strides Against Cancer.

Kettle Heroes Truck & Trailer

If you want to know more about Kettle Heroes, be sure to check out their website at and follow their Facebook account by clicking the image bellow.

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