How to Prepare Your Storefront for Fall


Most people love the colder weather, shopping, hot drinks, and cozy feelings of fall. You can give your customers and employees those same feelings every time they enter – or walk by – your store. So get in the holiday spirit by decorating your office for the holiday season and preparing your storefront in the following ways:


  • Play up the seasons: Everyone wants to enjoy the winter season and holiday tidings in the air. Don’t be a scrooge. Play with the season and make sure it’s reflected on your storefront, so customers are greeted with season’s cheers before they even enter your store.
  • Remain neutral: Try not to focus on one particular religious holiday so that you don’t potentially offend customers or employees. Sticking to neutral color schemes and fall/winter decorations (like fall leaves, winter bark, and anything gold or silver) can give the festive holiday spirit without pushing a particular holiday.
  • Add a sales banner: Whether you are running a sale, promotion, or new loyalty program, make sure your storefront clearly displays it. You may also consider marketing automation services to automatically generate email and social media marketing campaigns.
  • Display your top products: Make sure your bestselling items are displayed in the storefront. Whether it is a product you think will sell well, a popular item that every child has on their holiday wishlist, or new sales items you think will sell well, clearly displaying your bestsellers can quickly increase sales and attract potential customers who are passing by. You can use your POS system to determine what customers like best and what their shopping patterns look like.
  • Decorate, decorate, decorate: While you want to get in the spirit, make sure to keep things professional, tactful, and clean. Going overboard with the glitter, tinsel, and blinking holiday lights can look tacky. Pick a theme and try playing on your business logo, colors, or design style. For instance, if you have a modern blue and white logo or color scheme, try using a modern blue and white decorating scheme to decorate your place.
  • Keep your space clean: Your business can quickly become a mess during the holiday season, if you don’t have a plan of attack in place. Your customers will want to get their shopping done quickly, so your retail space may have more items opened, out of place, or even on the floor. Make sure that your employees realize more cleaning will be required during this busier time of year. Make a schedule so that employees know when they need to clean next during their shifts.
  • Include your E-Commerce site: Remember that along with decorating your physical storefront, it is important to also decorate your E-Commerce storefront so that your customers enjoy that jovial feeling, even from their home computer.

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