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Mobile Payment SquareUp: SalesVu Beats Square at Evie Evan

Hi I’m Kayleigh from Evie Evan, we sell beauty products and services in the store and also at events. We needed a way to process payments anywhere but most of the mobile solutions we found operated like a very basic credit card terminal. Finally we found SalesVu, which allowed us to manage all our payment devices (iPhones and iPads) from a simple website. Here we can view real time reports, manage inventory, change prices, and more. It communicates with our SalesVu iPad POS terminals every five minutes so our entire operation is always up to date. All our products and coupons are loaded here, something we couldn’t do with the other solutions. It’s the only app that allows us to track cash, check, and credit card! The actual card reader is a lot more steady and secure, and the rates are lower! SalesVu is really easy to use. The support is great in case we ever have any questions. We love SalesVu, it really helped our business.

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