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Mobile Payment SquareUp: SalesVu iPad POS System Beats Square at Ritter Renovations

Good morning my name is Tom Ritter. I’m with Ritter Renovations in Austin, Texas. And I’m here today to talk to you about SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS versus Square’s. I have a renovation business, I do all types of renovations anywhere from changing out a light switch to completely tearing down a ceiling like I am in this house. So I started searching around trying to find different credit card companies, checking out their rates. First one I found was Square. There rates were pretty decent. I was approached by another credit card company, it’s called SalesVu. There’s a couple of reason why I like it a little better. One, the swiper is much larger and easier to use. Put it on your card, swipe the phone, very seldom you have problems with it. Two is the rates. The rates are a little lower across the board even if I swipe it or key it in. So if my wife is on her job and she needs to have a credit card taken, and she doesn’t have her swipe with her, she can call me and I punch it in my phone and it’s not going to cost any different. Also with Square I had to have refunds where as with Square I couldn’t just delete it off the straight through the phone. I had to go back to the customer and refund the money to them personally. Where as with SalesVu, all you have to do is go to it and go. Another thing I like about SalesVu is you can make it your own by setting your own prices, customizing prices where all you have to do is go in a punch a button and it’s done, swipe the card and it’s done. With Square, it’s always you have to take the time to punch in everything, punch in the names, punch in the amount, what you’re doing and it just makes it a lot easier to be able to punch a button and go.

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