Vodka on Vacation Anyone? See How our iPad POS System Helps This Michigan Distillery

The Company

Northern Latitudes Distillery (NLD) is a small distillery on the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan. NLD distills vodkas from wheat; Ice Dunes Vodka and Michigan sugar beet sugar; Deer Camp Vodka; horseradish vodka, Apollo Horseradish Vodka; Limoncello di Leelanau and many more. Almost everything NLD makes will sit in charred American oak barrels for at least 2 years, though some will be bottled immediately and sold as Michigan Dogman Moonshine. In addition to their spirits, NLD sells barware, glassware and logo clothing.

NLD has a 3,000 square foot tasting room boasting a large tasting bar where they give free tastings of their spirits. Additionally, they have a bar where they create unique cocktails using their products.

“We are always creating our own cocktails; it’s fun to research and mix the old-time cocktails that were popular before and during Prohibition, too,” said Owner Mandy Moseler.

The Needs

Northern Latitudes needed a versatile POS system that had the flexibility to be moved around as they change and grow.

“It needs to be used by us literally as we walk around the distillery to take care of our customers quickly so they don’t have to wait in line,” said Moseler.

Lake Leelanau, the home of NLD, is known for its beauty and wineries, making a large portion of NLD’s customer-base vacationers. These customers don’t want to spend their vacation time waiting in line to spend their hard-earned money.

“They want to come into our distillery, enjoy themselves and then be off to the next adventure,” said Moseler. “For us to be able to take care of them quickly and efficiently is super important!”

Also, they need the ability to track inventory easily as that is particularly essential for a new business.

The SalesVu iPad POS Decision

NLD wanted a well-encrypted, easy-to-use system that tracks inventory and sales for a new business in a lean economy; SalesVu met these needs.

“We know right now which spirits are selling quickly and that dictates what Mark [NLD co-owner] will be distilling next,” said Moseler.

Before joining the SalesVu movement, NLD looked into Square and several other POS systems.

The Results

By starting their business with SalesVu’s POS system, NLD saved $6,000 upfront and are able to be mobile and customer-friendly.

For more information on Northern Latitudes Distillery, go to, follow them on Twitter: @NLatitudes or like their Facebook page!

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