SalesVu’s iPad POS System is the Perfect Match for Plumbob Design


Tim Andonian, owner of Plumbob Design, a design build shop in the heart of Silicon Valley, designs unique gifts such as picture frames, engraving and signage and mini blocks, which began as a kickstarter project.

“The mini blocks are made for the desktop for ages three and up,” said Andonian. “Each set is completely unique and contains abstract shapes and different types of wood. They inspire creative play in children while giving them a direct experience of complex weighting and balancing. In the office, they can be used as a stress relief executive toy, or used with work group meetings to aid in creative thinking and collaboration.”

Andonian had used prior to adopting SalesVu and decided to research POS systems, such as Square and Intuit. He needed a POS system and credit card reader that would work with his iPad mini.

“I spent some time just searching the web and weighing feature sets of different software and services,” said Andonian. “The ease of setting up the inventory and product list and credit card reader integration seemed like the only choice. Since I am using Etsy as my online shop, I was primarily looking for a solution for being at markets and shows.”

Andonian needs SalesVu’s retail POS in order to make sales outside his garage where he designs his unique products.

“I aim to participate in Farmers Markets and fairs where I want to have a point of sale,” Andonian said.

When managing Plumbob Design through SalesVu’s iPad POS, Andonian enjoys the ease and straightforwardness of tracking inventory on his iPad. Best of all, he can manage his business from anywhere outside his garage.

“I have a POS anywhere I want,” said Andonian.

For more information on Plumbob Design, visit their website:, like their Facebook page, or browse the Etsy page.

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