Need Help Processing a Refund? Here’s How:

SalesVu’s Tip of the Day:

There are two ways to process refunds: on the device (iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch) or on the Cloud Management Portal.

On the Cloud Management Portal – (Can be done anytime)

  1. 1. Navigate to the orders page in your account
  2. 2. Use the search functionality to find the order that would like to refund
  3. 3. Expand the order by clicking on the green ‘+’ on the left hand side
  4. 4. Here you will see a refund option for both individual items and the whole order (individual item refund is only available until the order batches at 4AM ET).

Note:  If you need to process a partial refund after 4AM ET please send us an email to ‘[email protected]’ or give us a call at 888-900-5819 with the order number, the order total, and the amount to be refunded and we will process it manually and give you confirmation.


On the device – (Can only be done before the order batches at 4AM ET)

  1. 1. Open the orders menu
  2. 2. Under ‘Closed Orders’ find the order you would like to refund and touch to open
  3. 3. On the next screen touch the trash can to delete the order
  4. 4. You will see an approved when the order has been refunded

You can either process a full refund and re-ring the order or you can contact Mercury Payment Systems at 800-846-4472 and they can manually process a refund.

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