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Why Professional Service Businesses Prefer SalesVu iPad POS System Over Square

What gives SalesVu’s iPad POS the edge over Square for professional service businesses? We’ll lay it out for you:

The SalesVu app

  • Quickbooks integration
  • Cash management
  • Employee clock-in and clock-out
  • Decimal hour quantities
  • Pre-programmed discounts and coupons
  • Tip adjustment
  • Invoicing
  • Currency changes

Cloud-based management

  • Reports by employee, device, location or service
  • Shift and cash adjustment reports
  • Online scheduling
  • Unit conversion configuration
  • Post deals to Facebook
  • Recurring billing

Processing Rates

  • Swipe Rate: 2.7% vs Square’s 2.75%
  • Manually entered: 2.7% vs Square’s 3.5% +$0.15
  • SalesVu offers next day deposits

Additional Payment Options (Square does not offer)

  • External credit card terminals
  • Checks
  • Physical gift cards
  • Custom payment methods coming soon

What do our current customers say about the transition from Square to SalesVu?

“We chose SalesVu because of the reviews of good customer support, downloaded the free app and compared it to Square; SalesVu is superior in every way.” – Robert Foster, Cedar Hill Farm

“We switched to SalesVu from Square because Square register wouldn’t make the grade. Finally SalesVu is here, it seems like the perfect system.” – Tom Szulist, Singer Farm Naturals

“There seemed to be far more benefits to using SalesVu over Square. The most memorable benefit of SalesVu iPad POS over Square, to me, was SalesVu’s compatibility with QuickBooks.” -Ed Hughes, Fly Lake Austin

“We save with every transaction when compared to Intuit GoPayment or Square and we saved significant costs upfront when compared to more traditional POS solutions like Intuit POS, LightSpeed or Prosperity.” – Justin Merritt, Mason City Brewing

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