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SalesVu iPad POS System at Kim Bloomberg Designs

Kim Bloomberg Designs (KBD) is a handmade jewelry studio that prides itself on using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. KBD boasts a customer base of feminine, strong women who have a strong sense of style and appreciation for fine jewelry.

Kim Bloomberg, KBD owner, needed an iPad POS because she frequently goes to fine art and trade shows. The studio is also often on the road, making inventory management key. They also wanted a POS system that could integrate with QuickBooks.

After extensive research and previous experience with Square, KBD discovered that SalesVu’s retail POS was not only easy to setup and use, but also cost efficient and used by most small businesses at the big shows.

“We knew our customers would be comfortable with it and we could train our staff to use it,” said Bloomberg.

KBD loves the SalesVu-QuickBooks integration because they are able to track inventory, sales and profits and transfer the information into QuickBooks for quick and seamless accounting.

“This is necessary to effectively run a business,” said Bloomberg of the simplified accounting.

According to Bloomberg, SalesVu has helped KBD get more organized and helped them refine and tighten their product lines.

“We have uploaded over 300 items to SalesVu and when we analyzed our products, we realized it was necessary to simplify the scope of each collection,” said Bloomberg.

KBD also saves money with the pricing flexibility, which allowed them “to use the product and not actually have to pay a dime until launching with actual customers.”

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