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SalesVu’s ECommerce Website Transforms CBS Cycling into a Worldwide Business

CBS Cycling began as a consignment shop in Paul Chia’s house where people could recycle their used bikes, parts and accessories. This eventually evolved into a small location in Valencia, California that went beyond just consignment to new products, as well. Today, CBS Cycling is a boutique shop that specializes in one-on-one customer service. They cater to everyone from beginner riders to elite amateurs.

A mobile POS was important for CBS because of their transition from home business to retail location.

“[SalesVu] has been able to move with us and grow as we have grown,” said CBS Owner Paul Chia.

Chia looked into several retail POS systems, including: Shopkeep, NCR Silver and LightSpeed. However, all of those options had high initial costs that CBS could not afford as a new business. Chia had also previously used Regit POS, but was not happy with the cost.

“We had no upfront costs to start the business with SalesVu, so the savings just keep growing since there have been no further costs to maintain,” said Chia. “The capability to use almost any electronic device made the choice easy.”

SalesVu’s iPad POS allows CBS to be tech savvy with ease of use and accessibility.

“The best feature is the ability to access the site anywhere,” said Chia. “The ease of use in setting up and creating inventory, tracking orders and managing employees has been a major plus.”

Additionally, Chia really likes the available customer service. SalesVu’s team has been “a great bouncing board” in terms of features and how-to’s for Chia.

However, he claims the greatest feature is the ECommerce website.

“The website/widget allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide,” said Chia. “This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.”

For more information, visit or like their Facebook page.

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