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SalesVuiPad POS System brings restaurant POS to the cloud at Cloud Cafe

Cloud Café (CC) is a tech-oriented espresso and teahouse that caters to the technology subculture in Katy, Texas. This establishment serves everything from bubble tea to coffee, to Italian soda and much more!

Restaurant POS

“We’re a hidden gem in our area,” said Denae Dehoyos, General Manager at CC.  “We are well known for our espresso based coffee drinks, as well as latte art, and the science behind making amazing coffee!”

CC sought a mobile restaurant POS system for versatility when dealing with different kinds of transactions. Whether they’re in the shop or out at an event, they wanted a system that could effectively and quickly take care of their most important priorities: great customers and great drinks.

Cloud Café has been a customer of SalesVu since their opening. They love the iPad POS system because it allows the use of up-to-date technology which most of their employees already have.

“As we are an all tech-savvy staff at the cafe, we enjoy having up to date technology at our fingertips – literally! It’s so much easier to just have a tablet or iPad (most of us here already own at least one) that we can pop a card reader on and handle our business,” said Dehoyos.

In addition, the reports feature has helped CC organize all of their purchase data by category. They enjoy being able to compare sale statistics in the form of graphs or charts in order to make the best financial choices for the company. The ease of reporting has saved CC “tons of man hours” that would be spent collecting data and entering numbers. Now they can put their minds to work on better, more innovative ideas for the company.

“It just makes so much more sense to save the man hours involved in numbers and marketing,” said Dehoyos. “[With SalesVu], reports are done how I want, in less time and without having to pay someone to do it for me.”

Cloud Café considered Square, as well as a “big, ancient and clunky POS machine that would cost a ton of money”, but decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

“We already have phones and tablets handy. Why spend the money on old technology?” said Dehoyos, “We saved tons of money not having to hire an accountant for the company alone. SalesVu makes it easy to let anyone manage the finances.”

Using SalesVu, CC is able to give certain employees different permissions for managing POS transactions. Each month, CC holds a contest among its employees for who has the highest average ticket price for a prize.

“This is a fun and easy way to boost our own sales and we can check their progress easily and without confusion,” said Dehoyos. “It also encourages our employees to perform better on the job.”

For more information on Cloud Café, stop by their location in Katy, Texas or visit any of their social media pages:

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