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SalesVu’s iPad POS System Intuitive Interface benefits SLG’s Art Boutiki

Art Boutiki

SLG’s Art Boutiki and Gallery is a combination of a comic shop, art gallery and live music venue that proudly stands in San Jose, California. The Boutiki is a “brick-and-mortar store” of SLG, a comic publishing company founded in 1986.

As a publisher, SLG frequently travels to trade shows and comic conventions so they needed a point-of-sale system that would be consistent on the road as well as in their San Jose location.

After considering Square and trying out Imonggo, SLG eventually decided to go with SalesVu.

SalesVu offered the most functionality for the price and had an intuitive interface that was easy to get new employees up-to-speed on,” said Dan Vado, Supreme Commander of SLG.

Volunteers usually operate SLG’s point-of-sale transactions during events, so being able to use SalesVu software without much training was a greatly advantageous. In addition, the ability to process credit cards while away from their location increased SLG’s sales immensely.

Art BoutikiArt Boutiki

For more information about SLG’s Art Boutiki and Gallery, visit their website, look up their Facebook page or follow them on twitter @artboutiki.

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