With SalesVu iPad POS System Al Capone’s Dinner & Show can consolidate all their business departments under one system



Our friends in Orlando, Florida bring back the prohibition and gangster fashion to today’s entertainment. Offering a wide variety of foods, beverage, and transporting customers to another time in history, Al Capones is part of the SalesVu experience and by using the iPad POS all their services are aligned under one system platform.

Al Capones show starts with a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor where your party will knock three times, say a secret password and enter Gangland Chicago 1931… Get ready for some action during our good ol’ gangster shoot out!.

According to business owner John Kucik, the dinner theater puts a lot of effort into their show, décor, and food. Definitely, it is a mandatory stop for the many tourists that travel to the Disney and Universal Studios city.

We talked to the business partner of Brian Costello for more details about their experience with SalesVu Ipad POS System. We asked them why  they needed a mobile or iPad POS system and they responded:

 “We needed something that worked with equipment we already owned. We chose SalesVu because of the feature set and no upfront equipment cost or built in monthly fees”

They told us that they used to work with traditional cash registers and that they considered Square Register and Shopify POS as alternate mobile POS Systems. The thing that Brian likes the most from SalesVu is that:

“Features that can be used in different departments such as invoices for phone orders tickets and liquid measurements for tracking alcohol inventory in the bar. It has helped us consolidate different departments to work under one system, from the box office to the bar and kitchen. Everyone works on the same system”

Compared to other standalone POS Systems, SalesVu have saved Al Capone Dinner Show several thousand dollars. Currently they don’t use the E-commerce feature, but they used the email invoice feature, which is presented very conveniently and easily for SalesVu Ipad POS solutions

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