“SalesVu iPad POS System and Gift Cards Management provide the best customer service experience” -Dolce Bakery

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Serving the Kansas City area since 2007, Dolce Bakery is the direct and delicious result of owner Erin Brown’s passionate commitment to “feeding the people with love.” Which means no shortcuts. No mixes. And nothing phoned in. Dolce turned out just as Erin dreamed, from an early age through culinary school. A perfect place to pause for a moment of handcrafted happiness or grab some goodies to go. Using SalesVu iPad POS System and our gift card management module Dolce bakery has been able to add unique value to their clients experience and ease the payment transactions. 

We asked Erin Brown’s how was her experience using our services. Only positive comments and a strong willingness to share her experience with other small business owners was perceived.

“Before, Dolce Bakery used Restaurant Pro Express as the point of sale solution. As soon as we heard about the price and the gift card module SalesVu offered, we decided to switch. I remember that while looking to upgrade our point-of-sale system we reviewed several other options including Quickbooks, Square, Shopkeep, Checkout, and Lightspeed. We ultimately went with SalesVu because it was the most reasonable price, had the most options that best fit our type of business, and gave us the best customer service experience compared to all the other point of sales.”


Erin told us that among the things she really enjoyed about SalesVu Ipad POS System and gift card management was our cloud-based service which provide a cross device synchronization to stay on top of the sales, at all times.

“SalesVu’s cloud-based system gives us the ability to update products with ease, add devices as needed, pull real-time reports and set up shop anywhere. We love that we can know exactly what is happening on every device, at any given time.”

 We wanted to know which was Dolce Bakery favorite feature and which one they would recommend the most to future business owners.

“Our favorite feature would have to be ‘Reports.’ We use it on a daily basis to maintain accurate drawer counts and daily sales as well as we heavily rely on the ability to monitor product sales, pull sale reports for particular days/times, and track sale trends.”

The gift card management module was selected and Dolce Bakery believes it is extremely helpful not only for the Dolce brand, but also to motivate brand loyalty among their customers.

“We love the ability to sell and keep track of Gift Cards within Salesvu. Before SalesVu offered the Gift Card Management feature, we used an external system through Mercury Payment. We were able to sell just as many gift cards then as we are now, however the process was more difficult and the margin of error was much larger due to having to use a separate application to sell, re-load, and check card balances, also while keeping track within SalesVu. It took more time from our employees and our customers, which added stress during shop rushes. The all-in-one Gift Card Management feature has saved us the headache of human-errors, has made the sale process easier on our employees and our customers, and gives management the convenience of pulling reports right from SalesVu instead of a third party card processor. “

Erin told that Dolce Bakery has an eye on the ECommerce website feature since they believe it would help their digital strategy and launch their services to the emerging online world.

“We have yet to use ECommerce, though we are very interested. We have been communicating with SalesVu’s tech support team for certain features and we are hopeful that we will be able to use it in the near future! “

Dolce Bakery believes in the joy of the simple pleasures of life. Whether you want to treat someone you love or delight yourself, Dolce’s honest ingredients are sure to please any palate.

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