“SalesVu iPad POS System and Gift Cards Management provide the best customer service experience” -Dolce Bakery

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Serving the Kansas City area since 2007, Dolce Bakery is the direct and delicious result of owner Erin Brown’s passionate commitment to “feeding the people with love.” Which means no shortcuts. No mixes. And nothing phoned in. Dolce turned out just as Erin dreamed, from an early age through culinary school. A perfect place to pause for a moment of handcrafted happiness or grab some goodies to go. Using SalesVu iPad POS System and our gift card management module Dolce bakery has been able to add unique value to their clients experience and ease the payment transactions. 

We asked Erin Brown’s how was her experience using our services. Only positive comments and a strong willingness to share her experience with other small business owners was perceived.

“Before, Dolce Bakery used Restaurant Pro Express as the point of sale solution. As soon as we heard about the price and the gift card module SalesVu offered, we decided to switch. I remember that while looking to upgrade our point-of-sale system we reviewed several other options including Quickbooks, Square, Shopkeep, Checkout, and Lightspeed. We ultimately went with SalesVu because it was the most reasonable price, had the most options that best fit our type of business, and gave us the best customer service experience compared to all the other point of sales.”


Erin told us that among the things she really enjoyed about SalesVu Ipad POS System and gift card management was our cloud-based service which provide a cross device synchronization to stay on top of the sales, at all times.

“SalesVu’s cloud-based system gives us the ability to update products with ease, add devices as needed, pull real-time reports and set up shop anywhere. We love that we can know exactly what is happening on every device, at any given time.”

 We wanted to know which was Dolce Bakery favorite feature and which one they would recommend the most to future business owners.

“Our favorite feature would have to be ‘Reports.’ We use it on a daily basis to maintain accurate drawer counts and daily sales as well as we heavily rely on the ability to monitor product sales, pull sale reports for particular days/times, and track sale trends.”

The gift card management module was selected and Dolce Bakery believes it is extremely helpful not only for the Dolce brand, but also to motivate brand loyalty among their customers.

“We love the ability to sell and keep track of Gift Cards within Salesvu. Before SalesVu offered the Gift Card Management feature, we used an external system through Mercury Payment. We were able to sell just as many gift cards then as we are now, however the process was more difficult and the margin of error was much larger due to having to use a separate application to sell, re-load, and check card balances, also while keeping track within SalesVu. It took more time from our employees and our customers, which added stress during shop rushes. The all-in-one Gift Card Management feature has saved us the headache of human-errors, has made the sale process easier on our employees and our customers, and gives management the convenience of pulling reports right from SalesVu instead of a third party card processor. “

Erin told that Dolce Bakery has an eye on the ECommerce website feature since they believe it would help their digital strategy and launch their services to the emerging online world.

“We have yet to use ECommerce, though we are very interested. We have been communicating with SalesVu’s tech support team for certain features and we are hopeful that we will be able to use it in the near future! “

Dolce Bakery believes in the joy of the simple pleasures of life. Whether you want to treat someone you love or delight yourself, Dolce’s honest ingredients are sure to please any palate.

Visit their website and follow their social media account by clicking any of the icons below.

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Cool Beans Coffee has a Cool experience with SalesVu Employee Scheduling


Cool Beans Coffee is a small business interested in bringing local, elegant, gourmet coffee to Norman Oklahoma. They use a fair trade, coffee provider from Oklahoma City, OK. They look forward to serving the community with a great product, quickly, and efficiently within their innovative drive through windows for coffee lovers. They are without doubt, coffee mavens that use SalesVu employee and human capital management for a fair and effective payroll.

We talked to business owner Nicki Tribble and she told us some of the reasons they choose SalesVu as their restaurant POS system.

“We are a very small shop and we don’t have a huge space for a register. We needed something portable and fun that could fit in the shop without interfering with any other of the artifacts we have for coffee making


They told us that from all the other mobile POS platforms out there they chose SalesVu after intense research and realized it was the most viable one for each of their particular business needs.

“We did research on several POS systems and we seemed to like SalesVu the most. It certainly was the most intuitive software, and the easiest to understand. SalesVu is our first POS solution and we are very pleased with it. Among our favorite things is that SalesVu has a very quick to respond customer service., their website is very user friendly and that it is great for Payroll”

Cool Beans Coffee also uses the gift card feature a creative twist that small businesses and small restaurant POS can use to attract more customers and gain their loyalty. Here is a picture of the one they have.


Cool, right? Get your delicious coffee fast and check Cool Beans Coffee website and add them to your social networks by clicking any of the icons below.

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“SalesVu has The Cool Factor” says Distinctive Gardens about our retail iPad POS System.



Distinctive Gardens garden center has been in business since 1999 offering a rich variety of plants, garden gifts, landscape design services, and local artist gallery.  Greenhouses filled with unusual annuals, perennials and vegetable plants, outdoor display beds. The business hosts yearly benefit festivals, such as the popular “Gardenstock Art & Music Festival.” Distinctive Gardens decided to implement a mobile POS solution because mainly their customers shop for plants inside the greenhouses.


“The ability to ring up purchases right there where they stand creates a streamlined and customer-friendly experience. Our community projects require ringing credit cards outside. Being off location at trade shows or at farmer’s markets makes having a reliable mobile POS a key to help increase sales, efficiency and bolster community projects.”


They spent over a year researching a variety of mobile POS solutions. While many offered appealing aspects, none encompassed the breadth of features contained within SalesVu.


We have been using SalesVu long enough to see it evolve over time. We used this system for two years as a stand-alone mobile solution before deciding to integrate it as our primary POS within our brick and mortar store. Development is clearly a priority for this company. The base infrastructure of their system is solid and the fine-tuning of software that continues has only increased its ease of use and expanded versatility.”


For Distinctive Gardens every feature SalesVu presents important business functionalities that are crucial for the success of their services here are some examples:


 “ In regards of Integrated Inventory, We wanted to develop an online presence without having to run two sets of inventory and maintain two different systems. SalesVu allows us to manage products from one convenient cloud-based location for both our brick and mortar store and eCommerce. “


They also added that the Quickbooks Integration SalesVu all-in-one business solution works with their current accounting system. For the most part, Distinctive Gardens was satisfied with the integration. They understand the complexity required in integrating with a piece of software that has been notorious for making it difficult for third party integration.


 “Additionally, we know that we are using a solid and reliable hardware selection SalesVu system is paired with fantastic hardware partners. The barcode scanner selection is outstanding, simple and reliable. The credit card reader is stable and dependable.  In the same way, the overall system stability as a cloud-based system that is stable is imperative. SalesVu servers are fast, consistent and in our entire experience we have yet to experience one single server malfunction. Incredible.”


Currently, Distinctive Gardens is in the process of expanding their brand reach and offer an online experience. SalesVu system is an integral aspect of that project. They are in the early stages of developing an eCommerce channel and testing various seasonal online stores that contain curated products from inventory.

 “We tested our first store last November. Through our Holiday Online store we sold fresh made wreaths and saw promising results.The integrated eCommerce solution is fantastic. Historically, we operate primarily as a local brick and mortar store and run occasional pop-up shops throughout the year. Last year during Gardenstock, we premiered a documentary on the festival, Gardenstock: For Community, and sold it as an additional fundraiser.  Before, during and after, SalesVu eCommerce helped that project’s success by extending reach.”


For Distinctive Gardens the credit card processing platform SalesVu offer is a key area. If you decide to do some research about how most small business owners think they will say that some operating systems make navigating the ambiguous waters of the credit card merchant industry a real nightmare.

 “SalesVu system sets itself apart from many in their credit card processing system. They have partnered with banks and negotiated rates in order to be able to offer their customers an incredibly competitive product in the area of credit card processing. Even more, they handle PCI compliance, a huge headache-saver and game-changer in and of itself. The rate is flat. The PCI compliance handled. The statement is clear. Safety, security, predictability, competitive rates and transparency, what else is there?”


Among Distinctive Gardens favorites features is the iPad/iPhone App Interface which is really easy to navigate and according to them, is very intuitive since training personnel has been quick and easy, saving them time and of course money.


 The transition from our old gift card system to SalesVu was a snap. We imported all the current outstanding balances into SalesVu, and never missed a beat in transacting gift cards. SalesVu has The Cool Factor. I don’t know how many times since its implementation, it has been the topic of conversation during check out gravitated to the POS itself. Customers are impressed with the technology, which reflects well on us. They enjoy the touchscreen experience and think its cool.”


Don’t miss out the opportunity to support Distinctive Gardens with their Gardenstock Documentary. Each year in August, “Gardenstock Art & Music Festival” is held on Distinctive Gardens grounds.  Proceeds from their festival benefit an area non-profit, Sinnissippi Center’s Youth Garden Program. This is a great initiative and a benefit for a community project .

Follow them in their social media accounts and visit their website for more information.

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SalesVu all-in-one business solution and iPad POS System helps freelancers reach their outmost potential

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Being a freelancer requires discipline, conviction and organization. Our SalesVu user Jamie Weaver is a perfect example of all of these qualities as she manages her own business as a personal beauty consultant. Jamie uses SalesVu all-in-one business solution to manage her operations, both for convenient payments and for inventory tracking. We talked to her about her experience with SalesVu and especially why she chose SalesVu:

“It was easier to keep track of my money. I have a personal account  associated with SalesVu, so all the payments received go directly to that account. Hence, I have the money right where I need it, to pay for products and the beauty supplies.  I also attend to festivals and outdoor fairs, on these places the credit card swipper is extremely useful. I have an android phone and I can put the credit card info manually or use the swipper without any problem. However, I want to get the new generation iPad so I can use the big swipper and provide a more comfortable payment experience to all of my clients. One thing I have to say is that, even when the swipper fails, SalesVu’s rates are still the same, a feature that is extremely different to all the other business solutions I am aware of”.

Jamie told us that among all the POS competitors, SalesVu was the most suitable for her business requirements, especially considering that she needed an all-in-one business solution.

“The fact that SalesVu offers inventory management and a much lower credit card transaction rate were major influences in making the right choice.  Definitely, this was a big, big thing for me. Besides, square didn’t work half of the time. SalesVu is easier for taxes; I can separate things, for example, I can divide women services from men services and englobe everything even if it  is very specific (massages, facials, etc.)”

Jamie Told us about her favorite feature of SalesVu all-in-one business solution; for her, inventory management is extremely important since she needs to carry a very strict list of the ending beauty supplies. She told us:

” I need to know how much color I am using, SalesVu all-in-one business solution helps me get up to date with the supplies I use. With this, I can measure my return on investment. As a result, I can charge the client exactly what I use. I always put the charge per ounce and SalesVu helps me with that.”

She likes the fact that she can print the receipts which show the ones that were paid with cash, credit cards, or money orders. SalesVu all-in-one business solution helps Jamie and any of our users keep track of their clients.

“I now understand what they like to buy, I can see the previous purchases. I can type the client’s name and see the history of the things the clients buy or have bought in the past. I can go to the SalesVu app and see what products they use and which ones they really want because of it.”

Jamie told us that she would like to use the gift card feature SalesVu offers. If you want to have an appointment with a beauty specialist and get pampered by a top-of-the-line professional, like Jamie Weaver, visit her websites and be sure to book an appointment ASAP!


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How to Create Successful Holiday Promotions with SalesVu iPad POS System and Marketing Automation



The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your business for the busy shopping season. Your customers want to feel cheery during the holiday season and, fortunately, you don’t have to spend much to decorate your business and get in the holiday spirit.

DIY Decorations

Go for subtle, but expressive, decorations that add a modern, classy flare to your storefront. Stick to traditional holiday color palettes, like red and green, blue and white, or silver and gold. Encourage employees to decorate their areas, while being aware of others’ space and religious sensitivities. Consider a team decorating event or contest, so your employees can feel more pride in where they work and what they’ve done to ring in the holidays.

Get Your Customers Involved

Some of the most successful holiday promotions and branding efforts involve some form of customer interaction. Whether your customers get to leave their name on a snowflake after a donation, can make suggestions for holiday décor on your social media, or can win freebies and goodies with their holiday purchases, find a way to get your customers involved.

Create Gift Sets

If you are trying to sell more items from inventory, consider creating gift sets. This can include something like a customer favorite with a less popular item to entice customers to try new things, while turning over inventory much more quickly. Make sure to also offer special deals, free shipping, or other ways of enticing your customers to shop at your business more both during and after the holidays.

Replenish Your Inventory

The last thing you want is to run out of inventory during the holidays. When your customers want to purchase a gift, if your business is out of stock, they will just go elsewhere. This is a busy time of year and the last thing your customers want is to have to come back twice for the same thing. Get control of your inventory with our inventory management tools so you know what your customers love most and never have to worry about running out again.

Update Your Packaging

Try updating your packaging to include winter scenes and non-religious holiday elements, such as snowflakes and snowmen. This can make your product instantly themed or limited edition, and more appealing to customers who want to get in the holiday spirit.

Establish Your Online Presence

Make sure your customers know where to find you online, so you can inform them of holiday promotions quickly and effectively. Consider updating your website or e-commerce site to feature holiday-related designs or content to bring holiday cheer to every aspect of your business.

Get On Board With Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start offering loyalty reward programs and gift cards. Read more about the benefits of a gift card management system and how you can benefit from a loyalty program to see why you need to get on board before the holidays. Contact us for more advice and to get started on a successful holiday promotion today!


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Top Benefits of the Gift Card Management feature of SalesVu iPad POS System


Gift cards are a quick, convenient gift for your customers to give to someone they love. They are also a quick sale for your business and can increase revenue at any time of year, especially around the holidays. Whether your business currently offers gift cards or would like more information on how you can add them to your store, we can help. With a gift card management plan, you can leave all the work to a reliable software solution, reducing any administrative tasks and risk for human error. There are also benefits to both your business and the customer, so everyone wins.

Your Customers Have a Better Experience

With a gift card management program, your customers can view their gift card information and balance online. They can also conveniently activate their gift card online so that they can begin shopping at your new store in no time.

Spread Your Brand Reach

With gift cards, your customers are giving their friends and family money to your store. That means you instantly gain new customers and upfront cash every time one of your gift cards is handed out.

Your business will also benefit both when a customer uses the gift card, as well as when they don’t. Studies have shown that more than ¾ of all gift card users spend significantly more than the value of the gift card when they shop. This is because they are able to get more while spending less thanks to the gift card. If they do not use the gift card during their first visit, they will have an added incentive to visit again soon.

Free Advertising

Take advantage of customizable gift cards to spread your brand reach even more. By adding your brand logo, name, or imagery to the gift card, it can make your brand more recognizable and increase your sales further. Once a new customer receives your branded gift card, they will continue to see your branding every time they open their wallet.

Simplify Your Business Operations

By leaving the operations to our system, you can ensure that the transaction report adds up and can begin to track trends and make important business decisions. The extensive reporting capabilities will allow you to track sales and outstanding balances, so you have a better idea of the big picture of your business.

With this simple, intuitive system, your business can issue and accept gift cards easily. The gift card sales will be properly tracked in your reporting, so you can reduce errors, easily reconcile transactions, and gain a deeper insight into your business operations.

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SalesVu iPad POS System and credit card processing system contributes with House Blend Cafe noble initiative


House Blend Cafe is an establishment  committed to impact people’s lives. By giving 100% of their net profit  to love and serve people in their community and around the world. They don’t generally get involved in things where it is just simply writing a check, rather they give back in a way that will meet needs and create a real  connection. SalesVu POS and credit card processing solution has helped this noble initiative reach their goals far and beyond.

“100% of the net profit from our cafe goes back into the community, so having a cost effective POS helps us to give more away. We’re involved in things like caring for the homeless, mentoring at risk kids, growing food to feed people in need. “

We talk to Josh Taylor, the general manager, and asked him how was his experience with SalesVu POS and credit card processing solution. He told us his positive opinion from the system and how efficient and adequate he feels it is for his business

“We’re a cafe and need something that is efficient, and that involves cost efficiency too. Since we are a non-profit, our main priority is to direct as many capital as possible to our cause. The fact that SalesVu credit card processing system has fair credit card transaction fees mean a lot to us. SalesVu POS and entire managing system has made generating reports more efficient to us”

As a final remark, Josh told us that he is potentially interested in setting up and using the e-commerce feature SalesVu has to offer.

Patio 1

If you are interested in supporting and knowing more about the House Blend Cafe be sure to contact them by clicking the social media icons bellow or visit their website at www.houseblendcafe.com 


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Tropical Sno share their sweet experience with SalesVu iPad POS System : “A complete and reachable business management solution”


Tropical Sno is a shaved iced local in Western Spring Illinois that is dedicated to create an oasis of shave ice euphoria. They do this by selling the highest quality and best tasting shave ice in the world. It serves more than 50 flavors to eager customers who constantly experiment with the wide variety of flavors and create their own ice indulgences.

We talked to the business owner Nicholas Cozzi who used in his first store the traditional registers, but noticed they were not really useful business-wise to his store. “All they did was round all the money earned in a day and nothing else” Nicholas realized he needed something more useful and a regular POS. He needed a complete and reachable business management tool, one that could offer him a wide range of business tools

He used Square in the past, but found that its features were insufficient for the market understanding and developing of Tropical Sno.

SalesVu offered me the Gift Card Feature and I loved it!. This was crucial for my decision towards SalesVu business management solution. It is a complete system that understands the requirements and needs of my stores, hence of my clients. The Gift Cards were a huge success for my store, and a way to keep the sales organized. Customers loved it and used it a lot. This feature implied a great success for me and Tropical Sno”

He also told us that other favorite feature he has is the employees and inventory management tools that SalesVu includes.

“They are both very effective and convenient. As the owner of two stores, I need to be constantly updated about the things that happen with the payments of the employees and their hours of work. I also need to know if the cups or spoon supplies are running low in the store and SalesVu emails me with all this relevant information and allows me to manage my business effectively everywhere I go”.

Moreover, Nicholas explained that he felt that SalesVu Customer Service phone number is an extremely important tool of the system.

“The fact that I can call them directly instead of just having an email address makes it a very nice and reachable business solution. It is better to have a direct contact with a customer service representative in case some questions or concerns arise”

If you want to know more about Tropical Sno at Western Spring Illinois be sure to visit their Facebook page be clicking the icon below.

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