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SalesVu iPad POS Sytem, a perfect match for Sweety Pies Bakery


Sweety Pies Bakery is a small family owned and operated business in Downtown Skokie in Illinois. They have been open for 7 years and were featured on Chicago’s Best for their  pies. They also do custom cakes for any type of event, including, weddings, sculptural, tiered, and special occasion/birthday cakes. If you can dream it, Sweety Pies Bakery can make it come to life. Business owner Jason Davidson talked to us about their need for a accessible and reliable POS system and how they found a perfect match with SalesVu iPad POS.

“We love what we do and we hope to share our special family recipes with everyone!. SalesVu has definitely allowed us to take orders and process payments from any area of our bakery. We needed something similar to what would be useful for our farmer’s markets ,where people don’t always have cash. We also needed better tracking of what was and wasn’t selling on our menu to adjust our offerings. SalesVu has provided us a compelling iPad POS system

Jason’s previous experiences with competitors like the old-fashion Casio register were not up to the standards and quality of Sweety Pie Bakery, so they moved away from the past with SalesVu iPad POS. Jason told us:

“The credit card rate was better than Square and the software was easier to set-up and FREE!. None of the other competitors like Square, PayPal or Quickbooks could match SalesVu iPad POS.

Sweety Pies favorite feature is sales reporting and the tracking of average ticket sales. They try to take advantage of as many features as they can from the SalesVu POS and managing system and they feel that the results they are getting are very positive.

“The ability to properly manage employee hours, and the inventory management are also important to us. We are currently working on setting up to better facilitate just-in-time inventory. This has helped me to manage all those aspects of my business from anywhere including home which is a huge plus.

For them, the initial cost of the iPads, printers, and cash drawer were a reasonable expense , but the overall savings with credit card processing saved them thousands. The credit card processing rates are very comprehensive and fair.

 “It has helped me to be more productive and spend less time number crunching and more time focusing on what’s next for our business to help us to continue to grow. It has been a great analytic tool for me so I can quantify my projections based on actual statistics and find those much easier now.”

If you are interested in knowing more about Sweety Pies Bakery, be sure to follow them on their social media links by clicking the images below or go to their website at


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