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SalesVu iPad POS System, the best solution for small, but growing business like Arizona Livescan


Arizona Livescan provides quality fingerprinting services utilizing the industry’s most effective and innovative way to capture fingerprints electronically. We talked to Paula Wilson, one of the business owners, and got a chance to understand this very important service provider. We talked about the advantages of owning SalesVu POS System and credit card processing, and she told us why they choose SalesVu,  

 “Through our mobile fingerprinting service, Arizona Livescan fingerprints hundreds of employees and students on-site in their businesses, organizations and schools. We wanted an easy solution to accept credit cards for our mobile fingerprinting customers. Sales Vu provided the best solution for a small (but growing) business with multiple fingerprinting locations and offices throughout the State of Arizona.”

 Paula told us also that SalesVu free POS and credit card processing system is very well developed and has a very simple and clear interface that gives them, and their customers, a very easy and convenient transaction experience.

“It’s easy! Our fingerprinting customers, especially love signing the POS with their fingertip. It always makes for a good laugh. Also, we find the employee functions like clocking in and out make payroll reporting really easy, too. SalesVu’s POS is so easy for our employees to use, it helps them to focus more on customer service. Swiping, sign and email receipts is effortless. Our fingerprint technicians can focus on the people, our customers, rather than the technology.”

Paula told us that as a business professional, and a customer-satisfaction oriented company, their main interest is to keep the company growing and save the most in unwanted expenses. SalesVu proved to be an incredibly helpful and money saving tool to Arizona LiveScan.

“With Sales Vu there is no cost up front and that helped tremendously. Typically, POS systems cost thousands of dollars and they represent a huge investment for a small business. It was difficult to pull the trigger and invest in a POS when there was so many other things we needed to do. Sales Vu provided us with a viable solution.”

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