Online Store Woes? Get Started with SalesVu ECommerce Webstie

Your customers are spending more time and dollars online. It makes sense to meet them where they are with your products and offerings. Makes sense. Sounds simple. But setting up and managing your online store can be a headache without the proper tools. Our customers love our ECommerce module, but we believe in continuous improvement. So, we’ve enhanced it to better meet our customers’ growing needs.

SalesVu ECommerce integrates with your POS system and allows you to fully customize your online store. Host your site with us or use our simple widget to add an online shop to your current site. Optimize your ECommerce website for mobile and enhance your customer’s experience regardless of how they choose to interact with you. With this widget, you can accept credit cards and gift cards securely, continue to sell products on additional websites, select delivery options (pickup, delivery, mail) and select payment options (online, at time of pickup, etc.).

We also know it’s important for you to attract customers and keep your business identifiable and consistent. With this in mind, you can configure page color and fonts, banner and picture sizes, add logos and create product descriptions. Shoppers can search for products, sign in via Facebook or create an account, view purchase history and reorder products without having to re-enter their credit card info.

This module integrates with SalesVu’s Inventory Management and Quickbooks to streamline operations at your business.

Interested in SalesVu’s ECommerce for your business?

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“The website/widget allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide. This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.” – Paul Chia, CBS Cycling Read the CBS Cycling Story>>

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