SalesVu is Now Offering Free ECommerce Website

 SalesVu is excited to announce our new e-commerce feature! Here is a quick overview of how implementing e-commerce through SalesVu will benefit your business:


1. Implementing e-commerce will help increase your sales for a number of reasons:

  • Overcome geographical limitations
  • Online shopping with limited clicks is a greater convenience to your customers and therefore, a more attractive way of shopping

  • You can provide a broader selection of products online than in a physical store

  • Extensive product info can be provided

  • Businesses will gain exposure through increased search engine visibility

  • Your store will be open 24 hours a day

2. Providing an online store can lower your costs

  • No employee labor required

  • Online advertising is more cost effective than most traditional methods

Everyone is doing it!

What We Offer

Display as a Widget or a Website

  • Widget: Have a link to online store on your main website

  • Website: Create a domain and your website will only consist of your online store


  • Sell your products online

  • Integrates directly with SalesVu’s cloud-based POS

    • Get notifications instantly on your device

      • This is great for restaurants that take online orders

    • The integration allows your in-store and online inventory to be deducted from the same inventory and managed from the same location

  • Custom Store

    • You can completely customize the design of your store

  • Your website is optimized for mobile access

  • There are no extra fees to use SalesVu’s e-commerce feature or any of its components, like the rotating banner

  • Facebook login capability



  • Retailers, like clothing boutiques, can sell their products nationwide, expanding their reach beyond local consumers.


  • Customers can place their orders online and pick up in-store, expediting the sales process and simplifying the transaction on both ends.


    • Businesses, such as massage therapists and spas, can sell packages and products online.



SalesVu’s e-commerce feature offers completely secure transactions.

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