SalesVu iPad POS System Helps Shades of Sugar Make Sweet Improvements

Shades of Sugar (SS) is a small bakery that provides custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake balls and many other confections to the Richardson, Texas area.

Autumn Surface, SS owner, found herself in need of a mobile restaurant POS system because she wanted to be able to sit down with a customer to discuss cake ideas, and then ring up the sale at the same table. The shop’s previous owner had a massive traditional POS system that took up their entire counter. When Surface took over the shop, she was on a tight budget and didn’t want to pay “thousands” to maintain the current system or purchase a new mobile solution.

After struggling to keep up with employee hours, sales trends, expenses and invoices, Surface researched systems like Revel and ShopKeep and eventually decided to use SalesVu.

Shades of Sugar has been able to appropriate the Restaurant POS system to track sales in the front of the bakery as well as oversee employee hours and inventory in the back. Viewing reports helps SS see sales trends and make data-driven decisions about which cakes to sell and which to discontinue.

“I like that at any given time I can pull a report and see exactly what is happening financially at the bakery,” said Surface. “I can input my recipes and it will keep track of my inventory and my employees clock-in using SalesVu. It truly does everything! SalesVu has combined all of those [features] into one easy application and made my time mine again, so that I can do what I enjoy doing, BAKING.”

Lastly, moving to an mPOS system has helped Shades of Sugar seamlessly deliver products by allowing them to finalize a sale when it reaches it’s destination. The adoption of SalesVu has made business management at SS easier than ever.

“I like everything about SalesVu,” said Surface. “I am so glad that it keeps up with the front and back end of the bakery. I am busy all the with baking, so I like that SalesVu will keep up with all the stuff I don’t have time to keep up with.”

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