St. Lawrence Brewing Co Talks SalesVu iPad POS System Simplicity and Mobility

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The Company

  • St. Lawrence Brewing Company (SL) is a brand new production microbrewery in Canton, NY. SL is bringing craft beer to the north country with a passion for local products and strong regional flavors.

Why an mPOS?

  • In addition to selling in their taproom, SL attends events where they sell merchandise.

Whose POS?

  • St. Lawrence considered Paypal and Square when looking at a wide variety of iPad POS systems.

  • Owners had used Adelo, Aloha and Square at their restaurant.

Why SalesVu?

  • SalesVu was mentioned on several platforms, including, came well recommended and proved to be a good fit through research

“The web-based backend seemed robust for what we would need to be doing,” said Owner Ken Hebb. “The fee structure of many of the systems were prohibitively expensive and though the SalesVu merchant service fees are slightly higher than other credit card services, the combination of services made the cost worthwhile!”

  • Hebb’s favorite things about SalesVu are the mobility of an iPad, simplicity of the hardware and ease of management in the backend.

St. Lawrence Brewing Company can be found on Facebook and Google +.

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