Photographer Matt Suess Explains Why He Loves SalesVu iPad POS System for His Business

Suess Fine Art Photography is long-time professional photographer Matt Suess’ business. Suess travels extensively in his RV to photograph which allows him to sell his fine art photography at juried fine art festivals in different states as well as sell online. Suess also teaches photo workshops, online classes, continuously updates his website and maintains his photography blog.

Suess heard about SalesVu’s iPad POS in a forum for art festival artists.

“The post compared it to Square and mentioned many of the benefits SalesVu has over Square,” said Suess.

Prior to using SalesVu, Suess was using Square and had also tried a traditional merchant account with “the large Nurit card readers.”

After reading about SalesVu, Suess compared it with competitors. He researched websites, read comments and asked around for opinions.

“There were a number of reasons I chose SalesVu POS System, such as: the high quality card reader, excellent software for the iPad, a good website with lots of ways for me to control my SalesVu experience, the lowest rate I could find, no monthly fees, excellent and friendly telephone support (even before becoming a customer) and more,” said Suess. “One of the best features is having access to the customer’s email address after sending them an email receipt, unlike Square who doesn’t allow you to get that, which allows me the opportunity to send thank you’s via email and the opportunity to add them to my mailing list.”

Having access to customers’ email addresses is important for Suess as he believes the most effective form of marketing is to contact those that have already purchased from him. This is a feature Suess considers “invaluable.”

“The other great thing is being able to reach customer support right away via the phone,” said Suess. “In setting up my account I had a few questions and contacted support a few times; each time they were friendly and knew what they were talking about.”

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