Open Tabs Make All the Difference at Yellow Springs Brewery


Yellow Springs Brewery (YSB) is a seven barrel brewery located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, just outside Dayton. YSB is a production brewery with a taproom that is open Wednesday through Sunday.

YSB wanted a mobile POS for flexibility.

“Old POS systems are very clunky and stationary,” said Yellow Springs Owner Nate Cornett. “Our staff can walk to the customer, set up a tab and take care of their needs right then and there.”

SalesVu was recommended by other breweries and having open tabs was a must for YSB to run their taproom. Cornett had helped set up Quickbooks in a friend’s taproom and says it was “not near as flexible.”

“The tabs feature is invaluable,” said Cornett. “There are too many [favorite] features to name, really. The ease of use and ability to add a new product online are a huge benefit! If one beer drops midweek and you are adding a new one, it’s easy to modify your POS.”

YSB has saved modestly upfront but not having to pay a maintenance fee is a big deal for them.

SalesVu has allowed us to spend more time on running the business and less worrying about whether or not our POS system can handle our environment,” said Cornett.

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