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SalesVu iPad POS System Over Square at Sweet Freedom Bakery


Based in Philadelphia, PA, Sweet Freedom Bakery (SFB) is an allergy-friendly bakery that offers treats free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts and refined sugars. SFB ships throughout the continental U.S. and will soon be opening a second location in New Jersey.

“We are truly one of a kind and love what we do,” said SFB Owner Jen Kremer.

Sweet Freedom needed a new POS because their current solution, Quickbooks POS, was dated, “horrible” with tracking items, had no timekeeping and did not integrate well with credit card processing. They also sell their treats at local events, fundraisers and farmers’ markets, so having a mobile POS makes it easier to sell their products away from home while also keeping accurate records.

“We narrowed every option on the market down to two: SalesVu and Square,” said Kremer. “Obviously upfront costs pushed us in the direction of these two and ultimately SalesVu won our loyalty because of employee timekeeping. Other items were also charming like gift card integration, quickbooks integration, etc.”


SFB likes that programming is simple with SalesVu’s iPad POS and can be done from anywhere. Kremer can do payroll from home and if the internet goes down, she can ring up customers from her iPhone. “Shall I go on,” Kremer asks when talking about her favorite SalesVu features.

“Since adopting SalesVu, we have smarter record keeping, more accurate money handling and the ability to do payouts without having a separate petty cash account,” said Kremer. “[SalesVu] really simplified our business.”

Sweet Freedom saves nearly $3,000 annually with SalesVu’s solution.

For more information about SFB, go to, follow them on Twitter @sfbakery or like them on Facebook.

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