Tiburon Golf Club gets an ace for convenience using SalesVu’s iPad POS Solution

T Golf 1
Tiburon Golf Club (TGC) is a semi-private 27-hole facility that handles events such as business outings, graduation parties and league tournaments in Omaha, Nebraska.  They not only offer golf lessons with a PGA professional, but have an on-site sports bar where you can eat your favorite American dishes at any time.

Always working to stay a step ahead of their competition, TGC owner Bob Hill Jr sought a mobile POS solution so their facility could process credit card sales on beverage carts. TGC has three carts that rotate around the 27-holes and they needed to incorporate a system that could manage multiple tabs from different devices. Using SalesVu’s iPad POS solution, TGC has been able to keep the beverage carts running consistently and conveniently on the course while managing different tabs and processing credit cards on the spot. Hill remarked that this software has made it easy to host corporate events because guests can charge multiple drinks on their tab from different locations on the course and have just one receipt to deal with at the end of the day.

Before deciding on SalesVu, Hill downloaded Intuit and other similar software programs but chose SalesVu after speaking with our technical support team.

SalesVu’s reporting feature has helped TGC tremendously as well. Their accountant has been able to use the detailed sales reports to allocate the company’s budget more efficiently. This has also allowed Hill to easily monitor sales trends and make business decisions based on the reports.

Hill says that TGC “loves the software because it works very well.” They were thrilled when they could use SalesVu to process credit cards on the beverage carts while still maintaining the golf-course specific software they use elsewhere on the property. Hill says their next ventures with SalesVu will be to explore the QuickBooks integration and launch an ecommerce website.

T Golf 2

For more information on Tiburon Golf Club, visit their location in Omaha, Nebraska or follow their social media accounts by clicking the following icons.


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Inexpensive inventory management from SalesVu helps Denver Bicycle Cafe break away from it’s competitors

Denver Bicycle Café (DBC) is a very unique establishment that opened as a bike shop, tap house and coffee house in November of 2011. DBC regularly changes their selection of beers on tap in order to highlight the variety offered by local Colorado brewers. In addition, DBC provides a diverse array of coffee beans from local roasters and places a great deal of importance on their hands-on brewing process. Aside from all the delicious drinks available at DBC, they also operate as a full-service bicycle shop that offers both repairs and sales. DBC is set apart from their competitors because they pride themselves on having approachable, front of shop mechanics that are available to chat with you in order to understand your repair, as well as offer on-the-spot instructions and a selection of common tools for the do-it-yourself personalities.

iPad POS Solution

Prior to adopting SalesVu, DBC was using an old-fashioned cash register for their point-of-sale transactions. Being as new as they were, DBC sought a cloud-based POS solution that was compatible with Android platforms and that is what drew them to SalesVu.

After investigating ShopKeep and Square, DBC concluded that other solutions “didn’t have the functionality they needed” and decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

“SalesVu is the only inexpensive POS solution that had advanced features like inventory management and employee payroll for timekeeping.” said Peter Roper, manager and co-founder of DBC.

DBC loves that SalesVu’s inventory tracking works flawlessly, and they are looking to integrate the ecommerce feature to their website as the next frontier.

SalesVu is a necessary component of running DBC because without it, they would have to reinvent their whole processing system. To run a business, Roper says you need “electricity, water and your POS system.” SalesVu is ecstatic to be the preferred choice of POS solution for DBC’s business management needs.

Restaurant POS

Want to learn more about Denver Bicycle Café? Visit their social media sites by clicking any of the icons below.


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Sugar House Coffee selects SalesVu over Square for inventory management

Sugar House Coffee (SHC) has been providing it’s community with a destination gathering space since 2002. During breakfast they offer freshly baked pastries, bagels, local eggs and a variety of vegan friendly and gluten free options. For lunch they have paninis, sandwiches, wraps, hummus plates and more. This coffee house, café and catering service has crafted a delicious menu with locally sourced ingredients for the community of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Before SalesVu, SHC’s POS Solution was a “very outdated” PC with Coffee Shop Manager but they wanted to move to a mobile POS so they could sync the devices in the shop with their devices on the go for catering. After researching other systems like Square, SHC General Manager Emily Potts “liked that SalesVu had the same fee whether it was a swipe or manual entry. The fact that they offered free support 24 hours a day was a HUGE plus in my eyes.”

After exploring different solutions and asking many questions, SHC chose to trust SalesVu with their business management needs.

“We chose SalesVu because of their customer service foremost,” says Potts. “SalesVu’s associates were so helpful in answering all my questions and taking suggestions from me.”

SHC loves that SalesVu’s restaurant POS solution allows them the option to print receipts or send them by email. Inventory management has been beneficial for SHC as well because all products can be modified from a smart phone and prices can be adjusted easily and in real-time.

“We are always getting different pastries from our baker and I need to be able to add a product quickly,” says Potts. “I also love that there is an employee time clock on the POS – it’s nice to have everything on the same program. It makes payroll quick and easy.”

SalesVu’s services have saved SHC over a thousand dollars a month on merchant fees, and its user-friendly interface has helped speed up the processes of customer ordering and employee training. SHC is excited to integrate SalesVu’s ecommerce feature with their current website and incorporate QuickBooks as well.

For more information on Sugar House Coffee, visit their website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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SalesVu brings restaurant POS to the cloud at Cloud Cafe

Cloud Café (CC) is a tech-oriented espresso and teahouse that caters to the technology subculture in Katy, Texas. This establishment serves everything from bubble tea to coffee, to Italian soda and much more!

Restaurant POS

“We’re a hidden gem in our area,” said Denae Dehoyos, General Manager at CC.  “We are well known for our espresso based coffee drinks, as well as latte art, and the science behind making amazing coffee!”

CC sought a mobile restaurant POS system for versatility when dealing with different kinds of transactions. Whether they’re in the shop or out at an event, they wanted a system that could effectively and quickly take care of their most important priorities: great customers and great drinks.

Cloud Café has been a customer of SalesVu since their opening. They love the iPad POS system because it allows the use of up-to-date technology which most of their employees already have.

“As we are an all tech-savvy staff at the cafe, we enjoy having up to date technology at our fingertips – literally! It’s so much easier to just have a tablet or iPad (most of us here already own at least one) that we can pop a card reader on and handle our business,” said Dehoyos.

In addition, the reports feature has helped CC organize all of their purchase data by category. They enjoy being able to compare sale statistics in the form of graphs or charts in order to make the best financial choices for the company. The ease of reporting has saved CC “tons of man hours” that would be spent collecting data and entering numbers. Now they can put their minds to work on better, more innovative ideas for the company.

“It just makes so much more sense to save the man hours involved in numbers and marketing,” said Dehoyos. “[With SalesVu], reports are done how I want, in less time and without having to pay someone to do it for me.”

Cloud Café considered Square, as well as a “big, ancient and clunky POS machine that would cost a ton of money”, but decided to go with SalesVu for their business management needs instead.

“We already have phones and tablets handy. Why spend the money on old technology?” said Dehoyos, “We saved tons of money not having to hire an accountant for the company alone. SalesVu makes it easy to let anyone manage the finances.”

Using SalesVu, CC is able to give certain employees different permissions for managing POS transactions. Each month, CC holds a contest among its employees for who has the highest average ticket price for a prize.

“This is a fun and easy way to boost our own sales and we can check their progress easily and without confusion,” said Dehoyos. “It also encourages our employees to perform better on the job.”

For more information on Cloud Café, stop by their location in Katy, Texas or visit any of their social media pages:

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloudkaty
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloudcafekaty
- Instagram: http://instagram.com/cloudkaty

iPad POS

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SalesVu’s Intuitive Interface benefits SLG’s Art Boutiki

Art Boutiki

SLG’s Art Boutiki and Gallery is a combination of a comic shop, art gallery and live music venue that proudly stands in San Jose, California. The Boutiki is a “brick-and-mortar store” of SLG, a comic publishing company founded in 1986.

As a publisher, SLG frequently travels to trade shows and comic conventions so they needed a point-of-sale system that would be consistent on the road as well as in their San Jose location.

After considering Square and trying out Imonggo, SLG eventually decided to go with SalesVu.

“SalesVu offered the most functionality for the price and had an intuitive interface that was easy to get new employees up-to-speed on,” said Dan Vado, Supreme Commander of SLG.

Volunteers usually operate SLG’s point-of-sale transactions during events, so being able to use SalesVu software without much training was a greatly advantageous. In addition, the ability to process credit cards while away from their location increased SLG’s sales immensely.

Art BoutikiArt Boutiki

For more information about SLG’s Art Boutiki and Gallery, visit their website www.artboutiki.com, look up their Facebook page or follow them on twitter @artboutiki.

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SalesVu Helps Shades of Sugar Make Sweet Improvements

Shades of Sugar (SS) is a small bakery that provides custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake balls and many other confections to the Richardson, Texas area.

Autumn Surface, SS owner, found herself in need of a mobile restaurant POS system because she wanted to be able to sit down with a customer to discuss cake ideas, and then ring up the sale at the same table. The shop’s previous owner had a massive traditional POS system that took up their entire counter. When Surface took over the shop, she was on a tight budget and didn’t want to pay “thousands” to maintain the current system or purchase a new mobile solution.

After struggling to keep up with employee hours, sales trends, expenses and invoices, Surface researched systems like Revel and ShopKeep and eventually decided to use SalesVu.

Shades of Sugar has been able to appropriate the Restaurant POS system to track sales in the front of the bakery as well as oversee employee hours and inventory in the back. Viewing reports helps SS see sales trends and make data-driven decisions about which cakes to sell and which to discontinue.

“I like that at any given time I can pull a report and see exactly what is happening financially at the bakery,” said Surface. “I can input my recipes and it will keep track of my inventory and my employees clock-in using SalesVu. It truly does everything! SalesVu has combined all of those [features] into one easy application and made my time mine again, so that I can do what I enjoy doing, BAKING.”

Lastly, moving to an mPOS system has helped Shades of Sugar seamlessly deliver products by allowing them to finalize a sale when it reaches it’s destination. The adoption of SalesVu has made business management at SS easier than ever.

“I like everything about SalesVu,” said Surface. “I am so glad that it keeps up with the front and back end of the bakery. I am busy all the with baking, so I like that SalesVu will keep up with all the stuff I don’t have time to keep up with.”

For more information about Shades of Sugar, please visit www.shadesofsugarbakery.com, like them on Facebook or on Twitter @shadesbakery.



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Online Store Woes? Get Started with SalesVu ECommerce

Your customers are spending more time and dollars online. It makes sense to meet them where they are with your products and offerings. Makes sense. Sounds simple. But setting up and managing your online store can be a headache without the proper tools. Our customers love our ECommerce module, but we believe in continuous improvement. So, we’ve enhanced it to better meet our customers’ growing needs.

SalesVu ECommerce integrates with your POS solution and allows you to fully customize your online store. Host your site with us or use our simple widget to add an online shop to your current site. Optimize your ECommerce website for mobile and enhance your customer’s experience regardless of how they choose to interact with you. With this widget, you can accept credit cards and gift cards securely, continue to sell products on additional websites, select delivery options (pickup, delivery, mail) and select payment options (online, at time of pickup, etc.).

We also know it’s important for you to attract customers and keep your business identifiable and consistent. With this in mind, you can configure page color and fonts, banner and picture sizes, add logos and create product descriptions. Shoppers can search for products, sign in via Facebook or create an account, view purchase history and reorder products without having to re-enter their credit card info.

This module integrates with SalesVu’s Inventory Management and Quickbooks to streamline operations at your business.

Interested in SalesVu’s ECommerce for your business?

Sign up for a free 15 Day Trial (no credit card required)

“The website/widget allows our products, currently on-site, to be sold worldwide. This one-stop shop that integrates current inventory to online availability will allow us to reach more customers.” – Paul Chia, CBS Cycling Read the CBS Cycling Story>>

For more information, contact a SalesVu representative at Support@salesvu.com or call 888-900-5819.


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Ease Your Inventory Management Pains

Tracking inventory and managing your supply chain may not be exciting to you, but you know it’s a vital part of running your business. And that’s why it’s exciting to us. We live for making businesses thrive. We’ve taken the Inventory and Supply Chain Module our clients rave about and made it more comprehensive.

Our Inventory and Supply Chain Management Module allows you to keep track of inventory levels and notifies you when products drop below their custom threshold. Products will automatically be deducted from your inventory based on any type of sale, whether it be in-store or on your website. The module also accounts for orders made through recurring billing or invoicing. Allocate product status as available, preparing to ship or awaiting customer pickup. Create PO’s to automatically send to vendors when product thresholds are reached. Run detailed reports of your profit margins and COGS. Maybe you have multiple stores (or are hoping to). This module allows you to transfer inventory between locations and track transfer history for your records.

This module integrates with our ECommerce solution and barcode and SKU systems to further simplify inventory management.

Interested in SalesVu’s Inventory Tracking for your business?
Sign up for a free 15 Day Trial
(no credit card required)

“It’s completely worth it to have amazing functionality like the reporting and inventory — a lot of great tools that make our job a lot easier. We love that we receive alerts when a product has dropped below a certain amount. We don’t have to guess, go to the shop, ask our employees; we know right away.” – Colleen McConeghy, Yo’Cheese. Read the Yo’Cheese Story>>

For more information, contact a SalesVu representative at Support@salesvu.com or call 888-900-5819


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The Silver Diva Chooses SalesVu’s retail POS over Square for Advanced Reporting and Customer Management

The Silver Diva (TSD) is a premiere hand stamping jewelry studio in Cincinnati. Customers can learn how to hand stamp jewelry and accessories or purchase pre-stamped jewelry. Hand-stamping instruction is free and anyone six or older can participate.

“The art of hand stamping involves striking metal with steel stamps to create letters, words or designs,” said The Silver Diva Owner Carrissa Barbee. “It makes a really fun party for birthdays, ladies’ night out, social events or fundraisers.”

Prior to adopting SalesVu’s retail pos system, TSD was using PayPal and ProPay. They needed an mPOS solution because they occasionally attend craft shows out in the field and find it easier to work the same way in the shop.

After looking into several other POS solutions like Square, TSD chose SalesVu “because of the reporting abilities, ease of adding products to the back end and the ability to swipe cards simply where buyers sign on a tablet.”

“I really like the back end where we can put all of our [itemized] products in and pull up reports about when people are buying,” said Barbee. “I also like to keep a full list of our customers so when they come back, we can easily track it.”

“SalesVu has helped our business by being able to easily keep track of our in-store inventory and keep our online sales seperate from our retail story,” said Barbee.

For more information about The Silver Diva, visit www.thesilverdiva.com, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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A.D.S. Kustoms Glass Adopts SalesVu for Inventory Management, Invoicing and ECommerce


“We like to say that, ‘We make gifts that last forever,’ here at ADS Kustoms Glass-Sandblasting,” said Owner Noe Agado.

ADS can personalize any glassware, mirror, stainless steel, copper, aluminum or even wood item. They can blast text and artwork to almost anything, though they focus on glass as it leaves the best impression. ADS can also cut glass into different depths for texture variations.

ADS went mobile soon after Agado began sandblasting, as he realized he needed to take the service to his customers. Prior to adopting SalesVu, he had used PayPal, invoiceASAP, Intuit GoPayment, Quickbooks and an invoice generator.

“I really enjoy SalesVu because of the web portal,” said Agado. “Being able to load and track my inventory along with sales reporting is going to make my tax report easy.”

One of ADS’ favorite features is the ability to email invoices and receipts. Once Agado receives the payment email, he can ship customers their custom products.

“For example, over Christmas, I had a lot of Facebook sales,” said Agado. “I was able to add the customers’ info to the order, click on the email envelope and start working in the order that the invoices were paid.”

SalesVu has allowed ADS to expand their sales to different parts of Texas.

“I have consignment sales people who I’ve added as payment locations to my system,” said Agado of his sales expansion. “I’ve even cross synced a few devices that we use at farmers markets to allow different people to take orders and others to cash them out.”

SalesVu’s ECommerce is also allowing him to expand his business beyond just Texas.

For more information about A.D.S. Kustoms Glass Sandblasting, go to www.adskgs.com, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @adskustomsglass.


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