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See How Yarn Shop Nikki’s Knots Uses SalesVu’s iPad POS

Check out SalesVu’s nifty customer, Nikki’s Knots!

Nikki’s Knots (KN) is a yarn shop located in Woodland Park, Colorado. NK stands out from the rest because of its unique lounge area where crafters can hang out, craft and get to know fellow members in the crafting community all while enjoying refreshments.

Nikki’s Needs

When starting her business, Owner Nikki Parsons was looking for a POS system that offered inventory tracking to assess the long-term preferences of her customers. She also was interested in accounting for the profitability of the items she sells. Parsons needed a mobile processor so that she could make sales at the occasional trade show or farmers’ market.

So, Why SalesVu?

Parsons heard about SalesVu through a credit card processor when she was looking for an inventory tracking POS system. At the time, she was using Square and had looked into PayPal, Intuit and LightSpeed prior to joining SalesVu. Her budget would not allow for most POS software and she already owned an iPad that she was comfortable using, making SalesVu iPad POS the obvious choice.

“I love the integration between the computer, my iPad and my iPhone,” said Parsons. “Also you can create employees so you can track the many devices that you may use, along with the password protection.”

Parsons said she could not pick a favorite feature as “there is so much to love!”

“I love the support; you can talk to real people as well as leave messages on the forum boards when you don’t have time for a phone call,” said Parsons. “The support response is so quick.”

She also likes the reports option of this “intuitive” POS system, as she can get information on various aspects of her small business. Parsons most frequently uses the sales report so that she can replenish NK’s stock most efficiently.

For more information on Nikki’s Knots, go to or like the KN Facebook page!

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Cheers to Pitchfork Brewing Using SalesVu’s Restaurant POS


Pitchfork Brewing (PB), a small Wisconsin brewery, has just adopted SalesVu! PB focuses on brewing craft beer with an emphasis on environmental practices and locally sourced ingredients. They also have a tap room attached to the brewery where customers can stop in for a pint or pick up a growler to take home.

PB Owner Jessie Fredricksen read about SalesVu while researching credit card processors. Fredrickson thought that because PB is a small business with a small budget they would have to use a basic register and an add-on card processing machine. Then, they learned about the various POS systems that operate on iPads and iPhones.

“We discovered that we could have a point of sale system that provided great analytics without having to buy expensive equipment,” said Fredricksen.

In addition to SalesVu, PB considered Square, Shopkeep, NCR Silver and a traditional cash register. PB chose SalesVu’s POS system because it has everything they need in an iPad POS for a great price.

“Square wouldn’t let us run tabs for our customers, which we absolutely need in the tap room,” said Fredricksen. “We also liked the sturdier card reader that comes with SalesVu, as well as the in-depth analysis that the program can run for us. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of using all the data that SalesVu provides.”

With SalesVu, PB can operate smoothly when they are busy. They can now process transactions on the spot while delivering kegs to restaurants, outdoor festivals and events. Their favorite feature is the ability to run tabs for customers because they can swipe the card, leave the tab open under the customer’s name and keep track of multiple tabs simultaneously.

“This is incredibly helpful, especially when the tap room is busy,” said Fredricksen. “Another great thing about SalesVu is that it’s very easy to setup and use. It is quite intuitive and user friendly; I was able to teach everyone in the company how to use it very quickly.”

For more information about Pitchfork Brewing, go to, follow them on Twitter @PitchforkBeer or Like their Facebook page.

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Fly Lake Austin with SalesVu’s mobile POS!

Fly Lake Austin (FLA) is a water sports entertainment and instruction company that teaches people how to fly a Jetovator or Flyboard, the newest crazes in power water sports. FLA offers individual lessons, private parties and corporate team building events on the south end of Lake Austin.

FLA’s “office” is a boat therefore traditional POS systems are not an option. When searching online for the best way to make Fly Lake Austin mobile and accept credit cards and gift cards, Owner Ed Hughes came across the SalesVu iPad POS. Hughes also considered Square but chose SalesVu after seeing a checklist of the benefits of each side-by-side.

“There seemed to be far more benefits to using SalesVu over Square,” said Hughes. “The most memorable benefit of SalesVu iPad POS over Square, to me, was SalesVu’s compatibility with QuickBooks.”

Hughes also likes that the manual entry and swipe options are equally priced.

“The reason I like that is because, being on a boat, if I forget my credit card swiper or if I did not charge it properly I can still process a transaction as long as I have my iPhone,” said Hughes.

For more information about Fly Lake Austin, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @FlyLakeAustin.

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Lake Charles Martial Arts Loves SalesVu’s Inventory Management and Invoicing

Lake Charles Martial Arts (LCMA) is a martial art school that goes beyond martial arts and turns people’s lives around through innovative curriculum. “Our instruction not only changes our students’ lives but also helps improve the lives of people around the community,” said Owner John Newport.

LCMA found SalesVu when searching for a POS system that could track inventory. At the time, they were using PayPal but were quickly outgrowing its usefulness as their product and service options grew.

“The fact that [SalesVu] is less expensive to use than PayPal helps in dropping our overhead costs and presents us as a truly professional company with receipts and invoicing that are customized to our needs,” said Newport.

Lake Charles Martial Arts does a lot of traveling, private lessons and special functions away from school, giving them the need for an iPad POS.

“When tournaments come about we need something reliable to collect payment (non-cash) at the door,” said Newport.

LCMA researched more than 80 POS systems when looking for a new system.

“We looked at ShopKeep, but the monthly charges for what we needed prevented that sale,” said Newport. “We looked at NCR Silver but it was too complex and expensive. We considered LightSpeed but we saw that we would outgrow their introductory offer and could not afford the next level.”

LCMA chose SalesVu because they could try it without any required commitment. Once Newport saw that SalesVu iPad POS could grow with LCMA without being nickel and dimed plus the extensive list of features, they “knew they had a winner.”

Newport’s favorite thing about SalesVu’s solution is its simplicity. They also like the ability to invoice a sale complete with their logo and all of the pertinent information as well as the capacity to transfer sales between devices.

“Our students are wowed when they see us take our iPad or phone out to complete a sale or tuition payment,” said Newport. “We are the only martial art school in the area with anything like this.”

“The online coupons and option to get actual gift cards and track their usage help keep us on top of what is working,” said Newport.

According to Newport, SalesVu has helped in the retention of students by offering so many different means of payment.

“If someone doesn’t at least try SalesVu, then they are just going to waste their money,” said Newport.

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Hey 49er Fans, Niner Empire is Talking about Their Success with SalesVu’s ECommerce

Niner Empire (NE) is a San Francisco 49er fan shop. Initially, NE was a website for all 49er fans to come together in support their team. Then, it grew around the country and world to now have over 40 chapters.

NE started their own clothing line a couple of years ago and recently decided to open a fan shop. They sell 49er novelties, glassware, housewares, tailgating items, flags, prints, jewelry, toys, etc.

Owner Monica Toscano researched many POS systems, including Square and Shopkeep, and even bought a couple cash registers before returning them. Square could not support their inventory issues and they could not afford Shopkeep and the like because of monthly charges.

“SalesVu iPad POS had everything we needed: an inventory system, merchant service and the ability to scan barcodes,” said Toscano. “I also like that I could download my info into Quickbooks and the opportunity for an online store.”

Toscano and her husband like that the SalesVu retail POS is free with a valuable management portal.

“I like that I can make changes from home and have emails regarding all of my sales even when I’m not at the store; SalesVu is great,” said Toscano.

Since adopting SalesVu, Niner Empire has been able to put their store online and keep all of their inventory together.

“They have answered my questions when I call or email them,” said Toscano. “Their customer service is great!”

Are you a 49er fan or interested in some gear? Go to or check out their Facebook page!

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SalesVu Retail POS Beats Sam’s Club AND Square at The Clay Purl

The Clay Purl (CP) is a small yarn and pottery shop in Nashville, Indiana. CP sells high quality yarns and supplies for fiber artists, offers classes and workshops and dyes their own yarns. Additionally, they carry Paul Hayes Pottery.

Owner Michele Hayes came across SalesVu while checking out Square (as well as PayPal). Previously, she was using a Sam’s Club cash register and spiral notebook as her POS system. She had just purchased an iPad, so an iPad POS seemed like the natural next move. Hayes said she was tired of the “un understandable” fees being charged by the bank, so she thought to look into mobile options. While researching, she found another yarn shop that uses the SalesVu POS system, contacted them and was strongly advised to try it out.

“I wanted to spend the money on product, not software that would be out of date in a few months,” said Hayes.

An iPad POS became crucial for The Clay Purl as they plan on doing off-location sales in the future, are in need of inventory control and want to eventually offer products online.

“I wanted to get the big cash register off the counter,” said Hayes.

Between reviews, customer service, app features and recommendations, Hayes decided to adopt SalesVu’s retail POS.

“I love the simplicity; it is so easy to use,” said Hayes. “I love the reports and being able to look at them even if I am away from the shop!”

For more information on The Clay Purl, check out or like their Facebook page!

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Thanks for Choosing SalesVu, Katrin Elia Yoga


Katrin Elia Yoga (KEY) is a yoga studio in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania that teaches mainly Yin Yoga as well as its variations (i.e. Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, Yin and Alignment). KEY’s mission is to heal through classical yogic practices such as breath work, meditation and specific postures. Owner Katrin Elia believes that yoga should be brought back to its roots as practiced in the Western world.

“Yoga is life and not only a body exercise,” said Elia.

KEY, which opened in March, is Elia’s first yoga studio. Elia discovered SalesVu’s POS system in the Apple App Store. After considering PayPal, Elia decided SalesVu was the best POS system for her as it “seemed easy to work with and did not charge fees upfront, only with transactions.”

Katrin Elia Yoga needed an iPad POS because many students come to class all at once and Elia wants to avoid long lines in the office.

“The SalesVu mobile point of sales solution makes it possible to move around,” said Elia.

It was important for Elia that customers be able to sit and relax on their mat in the practice room while the teacher handles payments efficiently.

“I like the fact that the features are easy to handle and easy to understand–very intuitive,” said Elia of the SalesVu iPad POS.

Thanks for the support, KEY! We’re excited to be assisting you run your yoga studio!

For more on Katrin Elia Yoga, visit

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Have You Tried an Armadillo’s Ice Cream?

Armadillo’s Ice Cream Shoppe (AICS) is a true hometown, locally owned ice cream shoppe that serves a multitude of items: from sundaes to shakes or malts to old fashioned ice cream sodas. They also serve a variety of lunch and dinner options including: paninis, wraps and sandwiches. AICS is best known for their renowned homemade sherbet.

“We are committed to providing the best food and ice cream around with the best customer experience you can get, all at a reasonable price,” said Owner Michael Brummer.

When AICS heard about SalesVu iPad POS from another local business, they were in the process of using Square but were concerned about their accounting and reporting features. They also looked into PayPal when researching the best restaurant POS for them. An iPad POS was important to Armadillo’s because they wanted a touch screen register with the ability to accept credit cards.

“The iPad and free software was the most economically feasible option,” said Brummer. “The software coupled with the credit card services made the SalesVu option very attractive to us.”

SalesVu proved to be the best mobile point of sales system for AICS because “first and foremost SalesVu has the best customer service, along with all the right things [Armadillo’s] wanted from an accounting perspective.” The 25 employees’ transition to SalesVu’s POS system was easy, which made for an enjoyable customer experience as well.

Armadillo’s favorite things about the SalesVu solution are the reporting and customer service.

“The reporting is absolutely amazing; it makes accounting so easy and we can get as detailed or as simple as we like,” said Brummer.

We are thrilled that you chose SalesVu to help run your business, AICS! Send some of that ice cream our way please!

For more information on Armadillo’s, go to or like their Facebook page!

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See How This Bookstore Emerged from the Stone Age into the Future with SalesVu!

New Wine (NW) is a new and used Christian bookstore connected to New Song Worship Center.

NW discovered SalesVu when looking for a POS system that handled inventory and worked with an iPad or iPhone.

“SalesVu saved the day for us,” said New Song Pastor David White. “At the time, everything was expensive and SalesVu was free and so easy! For me it was too good to be true.”

Prior to adopting SalesVu, they used Quickbooks but were forced to upgrade.

“The whole system was costly, glitchy and cumbersome,” said Pastor White of Quickbooks. “So glad to get rid of it! I feel like I have emerged from the Stone Age into the future!”

New Wine had also used Square and PayPal but was dissatisfied with inventory control. They chose SalesVu because it is free, handled inventory, worked with the iPad and was the perfect fit for credit card transactions.

“The swiper is great and perfect for accounting purposes,” said Pastor White. “Both Square and PayPal deduct money from each transaction but SalesVu deposits the full amount with a clean monthly billing and reconciliation; much more business savvy!”

New Wine needed an mPOS for ease of use and the ability to sell their products anywhere they go.

“Streamline, portable, very compact and light, instant setup and no limitations,” said Pastor White.

NW’s favorite thing about SalesVu’s iPad POS is the bluetooth barcode scanner connectivity, which makes transactions  quick and customer friendly along with the credit card swiper for “incredibly efficient sales!”

“Our customers are very impressed by the ease and speed of the checkout process and love the hi-tech look and feel of the iPad, app, scanner and swiper package,” said Pastor White. “Also, the simplicity of adding and editing inventory and the way it’s displayed and accessed for transactions…love it!”

For more information, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @newsongwc.

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Welcome to SalesVu, Joy Craft & Design

Who is Joy Craft & Design?

Joy Craft & Design (JCD), a curated shop in Springdale, Utah that specializes in upcycled, restyled and handcrafted items, has opted for SalesVu’s retail POS! The shop’s collection consists of items that Owner Joy Stein curates herself as well as some of her friends’ treasures to broaden the collection. Stein specializes in upcycling t-shirts into reverse applique skirts, felted soaps and decorative plate stands from tea sets and other found items. The community has added live plants, hand-printed cards, collaged art from vintage story books and zipper jewelry.

Why SalesVu?

As a first-time business owner, Stein had no previous experience with POS systems. She asked around her small community and found that other businesses, such as a local coffee shop and a guide service and outfitter, were using SalesVu. Stein also researched Square, PayPal, ShopKeep and traditional leasing equipment from the bank. Previously, she had used PayPal at craft fairs but preferred the SalesVu iPad POS pricing structure.

“I opted for SalesVu because it seemed on the whole easy to use and relatively straightforward,” said Stein. “I needed something that would give me reports, inventory and a credit card system.”

So far, Stein has found the inventory system and input easy to understand and is pleased with the deposit turnaround time.

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