See How A Cajun Life, Our AWESOME Customer, Uses SalesVu iPad POS System


The Company

A Cajun Life (ACL) is an authentic Cajun food cart located in Damascus, Oregon. ACL’s menu includes: Gumbo, Bayou Boogie, Crawfish Etouffee and Crawfish Pistolettes. Their meats are flown in directly from a grocer in the heart of Cajun Country. They attend many farmers’ markets and festivals year-round and are currently in the process of launching a line of Cajun seasonings.

The Needs

ACL runs on a part-time basis and therefore has to cook only as much food as demand requires; additionally, since their meats are flown in, they need to be accurate. They also operate in multiple locations depending on the time of year and day of the week. As a result, an iPad POS allows them to accurately track how much of an item they sell each week. That in turn, allows them to determine how much to cook on a weekly basis to minimize waste.

“It helps keep accurate track of our total sales and allows us to effectively follow our sales trends,” said Owner Chris Fontenot.

They were looking for an all-in-one solution that would allow them to have a mobile credit card processing system that could be easily integrated with their POS system.

The SalesVu Decision

After “scouring” the internet for iPad POS providers and looking into Shopkeep, Fontenot came across SalesVu.

“Initially, we were drawn to SalesVu because of the mobile payments rate but then discovered it also came with a free restaurant POS app,” said Fontenot. “After downloading the app and ensuring it would work for us, we fell in love with its ease of use and ability to instantly change anything within the system remotely.”

ACL appreciated that it did not take long to get the POS system setup.

Fontenot’s favorite feature is the reporting tab because it gives him key insights into ACL that he would otherwise be guessing at.

“Best part is, as we grow, so does the system,” said Fontenot.

The Results

“SalesVu iPad POS is a critical component of our business because it allows us to efficiently manage inventory, monitor our sales, determine how much we need to cook, easily train anyone to use it, take it with us from site to site, immediately make changes and update the system without waiting for overnight downloads; the list just goes on,” said Fontenot.

A Cajun Life has saved an estimated $1,000 upfront and several thousand dollars/year ongoing. According to Fontenot, those numbers are based on ongoing monthly fees of similar services and additional fees for the merchant.

“I don’t think we would be as successful as we currently are especially since we run part-time,” said Fontenot. “My gut tells me our waste would have been astronomical and getting ready for taxes near impossible.”

“We are totally satisfied with the product and it has blown us away since we started using it,” said Fontenot. “We have been asked by so many people, business owners and even customers what we use and we have referred them all to SalesVu.”

Thanks for your support, A Cajun Life; we’re so exciting that you chose SalesVu’s POS system!

For more information on A Cajun Life, visit or like their Facebook page!

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