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Fly Lake Austin with SalesVu’s iPad POS System!

Fly Lake Austin (FLA) is a water sports entertainment and instruction company that teaches people how to fly a Jetovator or Flyboard, the newest crazes in power water sports. FLA offers individual lessons, private parties and corporate team building events on the south end of Lake Austin.

FLA’s “office” is a boat therefore traditional POS systems are not an option. When searching online for the best way to make Fly Lake Austin mobile and accept credit cards and gift cards, Owner Ed Hughes came across the SalesVu iPad POS. Hughes also considered Square but chose SalesVu after seeing a checklist of the benefits of each side-by-side.

“There seemed to be far more benefits to using SalesVu over Square,” said Hughes. “The most memorable benefit of SalesVu iPad POS over Square, to me, was SalesVu’s compatibility with QuickBooks.”

Hughes also likes that the manual entry and swipe options are equally priced.

“The reason I like that is because, being on a boat, if I forget my credit card swiper or if I did not charge it properly I can still process a transaction as long as I have my iPhone,” said Hughes.

For more information about Fly Lake Austin, go to, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @FlyLakeAustin.

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