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Cheers to Pitchfork Brewing Using SalesVu’s iPad POS System


Pitchfork Brewing (PB), a small Wisconsin brewery, has just adopted SalesVu! PB focuses on brewing craft beer with an emphasis on environmental practices and locally sourced ingredients. They also have a tap room attached to the brewery where customers can stop in for a pint or pick up a growler to take home.

PB Owner Jessie Fredricksen read about SalesVu while researching credit card processors. Fredrickson thought that because PB is a small business with a small budget they would have to use a basic register and an add-on card processing machine. Then, they learned about the various POS systems that operate on iPads and iPhones.

“We discovered that we could have a POS system that provided great analytics without having to buy expensive equipment,” said Fredricksen.

In addition to SalesVu, PB considered Square, Shopkeep, NCR Silver and a traditional cash register. PB chose SalesVu’s POS system because it has everything they need in an iPad POS for a great price.

“Square wouldn’t let us run tabs for our customers, which we absolutely need in the tap room,” said Fredricksen. “We also liked the sturdier card reader that comes with SalesVu, as well as the in-depth analysis that the program can run for us. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of using all the data that SalesVu provides.”

With SalesVu, PB can operate smoothly when they are busy. They can now process transactions on the spot while delivering kegs to restaurants, outdoor festivals and events. Their favorite feature is the ability to run tabs for customers because they can swipe the card, leave the tab open under the customer’s name and keep track of multiple tabs simultaneously.

“This is incredibly helpful, especially when the tap room is busy,” said Fredricksen. “Another great thing about SalesVu is that it’s very easy to setup and use. It is quite intuitive and user friendly; I was able to teach everyone in the company how to use it very quickly.”

For more information about Pitchfork Brewing, go to, follow them on Twitter @PitchforkBeer or Like their Facebook page.

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